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Discover the Scientist and Maker in your Child!
after-school foundation programs for kids on Science & Technology here at Coimbatore

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One day activity for kids

Is there Chemistry in Icecream preparation? How to identify a planet in the sky? Can we open a computer? The 3hrs workshops are for kids to get their brains teased and fall in love with Science & Technology.

Crash Courses

short duration courses

Is there Math and Science in Carpentry? How can I use Science to get more points in “Angry Birds” Game? Can I calculate how far Mars is, sitting here in Coimbatore? Crash courses are short duration programs to give kids the exposure of connecting ‘what they learn’ to ‘what they see’.


academic year programs to build strong expertise

Game Development, Young Astronomer Program, Advanced Carpentry are some of our programs for kids 10 years and above. With Science, Math, and Computer Science in play, creating a challenging environment, it is like any sports that comes with consistent efforts with the right exposure.


Field trips and Expert interaction for kids

Wisdom is a virtue that comes with expertise and experience. As part of being in the Mango Community, we intend to connect Scientist, Engineers, Hobbyist, Entrepreneur and other academicians to kids through field trips and #KidsAskScience sessions.

How Mango Education works

Learning Studio

A learning environment for kids to think, imagine, experiment, observe and analyze. More importantly build things.

Expert Network

In the internet era where knowledge has become a googlable set of facts, what is lacking is the wisdom that nurtures knowledge. Our experts turned Teachers ensure their wisdom are shared to kids.

Field Trips

Journey is the best teacher and our field trips are all about learning by traveling

Like-minded Peers

Imagine a bunch of math nerds working out problems together, or a bunch of science experimentalists working on a project, the learning outcome is exponentially amplified. Our programs bring in all like-minded students into one group irrespective of their age. We group kids based on interest.


Learning is an integrated process, and when various concepts are taught in isolation with each other, they never make much sense to kids. Here, the concepts from different areas of study that are connected to a particular theme, are taught in an interdisciplinary manner


One of the ever elusive problem of learning is catering to the individual needs of the students. We design and personalize worksheets and learning materials based on kids interest and understanding.

What parents say

“Simple Narratives referring to examples which children can understand easily, were fantastic! Kudos to the team.”



“My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the planet gazing. First time in her life she stayed all night for learning”

Parent feedback mango education

Reni Auxilliya

“Have tried teaching all the planets name, but he’ll always forget. But after this one session, he remembers & talks more”


Soundaryalakshmi Rajaram

Some of our recent programs

Our Centers

R S Puram

Orange Sprout, Marudhamalai Rd, Lawley Corner,Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641003


Mango Education,Kongu Nagar, Ramanathapuram, (Opposite to Alvernia school), Kongu Nagar, Kallimadai, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641045


Sreevatsa Lunchbox, Athipalayam Road, Sreevatsa Global Village, Saravanampatty, Sreevatsa Global Village, Saravanampatty, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641049

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You cannot predict the outcome of Human development, all you can do is like a farmer, create the conditions under which it will start to flourish

– Sir Ken Robinson

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