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For Kids: 9 to 14 years

Why Should Your child LEARN ASTRONOMY?

Understanding of
how the
Universe works

Promotes Rational
Thinking & Scientific Temperament
& Imagination

Understanding seasons, eclipses & other aspects of daily life

Our Offerings

Space Pirates Astronomy Course

Explore our astronomy course for kids of age 9 to 14 years, a unique blend of fun and creative education.

Let your child discover the secrets of the Universe in this 6-week learning journey! 

Learn Astronomy with

Obuli Chandran

Why Mango Education?


With over 15 years of experience in teaching kids and a passion for astronomy, our educators are known for going that extra mile and a creative pedagogy.


Interactive discussions and activity-based learning form an integral part of our Astronomy course, ensuring that the child is engaged innovatively. 


Whether your child is new to astronomy or already has foundational knowledge, learning with like-minded peers will broaden their perspective and foster growth.


We believe that children are curious by nature so the best way to create a conducive learning space for them is to encourage them to ask questions & form connections.

highlights of our astronomy course

Fun with

Learn the fundamentals of physics through astronomy


Discussion with like-minded peers doubles the joy of learning

LIVE Stargazing

Watch the night sky come alive – stars, moons, planets, and more!

Expert Guidance

Get mentored by an astronomy expert with 15+ years of experience


Hands on learning to augment the educational experience

Our Vision

We are a company that is as passionate about education as we are about science and technology. Through our Astronomy program we wish to build an ecosystem that promotes the exploration of new avenues in space science to help create a generation of conscientious researchers and innovators.


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Hear from parents and kids who have journeyed with us

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