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Obuli, a PSG Tech Alumnus, is an astronomy, physics and math educator fueled by the passion for science. He is an avid book reader and is inspired by the likes of Feynman, Carl Sagan and Dawkins among others. His love for science drives him to interact with kids in a manner that keeps them highly engaged. 

Obuli Chandran


Obuli has been on numerous star gazing trips to incredible places ranging from the high altitude cold deserts of Ladakh to the warm tropical beaches of Mauritius, chasing various exciting celestial events along with kids and adults. He loves to document these mesmerising moments through astrophotography.

Communicating Science

Obuli believes that learning is like time – it has to flow or it ceases to have meaning for anyone, be it a teacher or a student. A science communicator at heart, he engages the public on various topics around astronomy and science in general, at different levels through blogs, articles, audio, video and speaking engagements. 

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A Game of Shadows

When I was in 10th grade, a star gazing session was arranged in my school. There was a low turnout, which I guess, was partly

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Events & Activities

Speaker in the talk series KOSMORENA 2020, organised by KCT for International Space Week

Speaker, at ‘Manram’ - a forum for experts communicating their knowledge in Tamil; gave a talk on the topic 'Story of Gravity' in Tamil in May 2019

Resource person in ‘Fulcrum 2018’ - a one day educational forum organized by Bhumi in January 2018 at IIT Madras Research Park

Science journalist at the Winter School on Astroparticle Physics WAPP - 2016 conducted at Cosmic Ray Laboratory of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in association with Bose Institute, Kolkata

Special Guest on Rainbow FM to talk about the importance of Scientific Literacy in the Society in September 2017


Obuli loves to use stories as a mode of teaching.

Check out his playlist of factual narratives in our podcast Hello Educator, a mix of interesting interviews and science stories!

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