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About the Program

The night sky holds wonders beyond our imagination. All we need to do is look up. Our ancestors’ unrelenting search for knowledge about the sky and the objects in it, has led to an astronomical revolution in our understanding of the universe. We humans, even today, continue to expand this search, at an ever-increasing rate.

This course aims to instil a sense of wonder, trigger curiosity and lay a strong foundation in science and mathematics. A lot of critical concepts in physics and math, like optics, light, motion, forces, algebra & geometry are mapped directly to astronomy and kids learn them through our unique pedagogy that involves story-telling, field visits, stargazing sessions and applying the scientific method of observation and experimentation.

Subjects covered

Astrophysics / Astronomy

Physics and Mathematics

Skillset Covered

Problem solving

Rational and Scientific thinking

Analytical thinking

Design thinking

Data analysis

Science communication


Positional Astronomy

Observations of stars, planets, comets, meteors, satellites on how to locate them, understanding their motion across the sky. Students will be tracking the sun, the moon and the planets through the course of the year.


Understanding light, optics, forces and motion, orbital motions, different geometry of orbits, gravitational laws, basics of rocket science and more. Some critical Math concepts like geometry, trigonometry will be covered.

The Science of Celestial Objects

Understanding planets and moons in great detail and their formation. Sessions on specific topics like life cycle of a star, big bang theory, black holes, space explorations, Indian space research and many more

Live Stargazing Sessions

No matter how much we learn about stars, planets and other celestial objects, see them in pictures, nothing can beat the experience of looking at them live with our naked eyes and through binoculars and telescopes.

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