The Space Pirates

for kids between 8 & 14 years old


Chasing the Stars

Tracking the sun, moon & the planets to understand their motion across the sky

Astronomy Kit

Science journals, star charts, lenses, hands-on tools and more

Unprecedented Tutoring

Any question and any number of questions! Any time and any number of times!

Activity Sheets & Learning Materials

Instructions for DIY activities, tables for data collection, curated learning materials

Quizzes &

Frequent quizzes and puzzles to make astronomy even more exciting

Live Stargazing

Observation of the night sky, both with naked eye and through telescopes

PS: For students in and around Coimbatore, the stargazing session will be offline!

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Positional Astronomy

Observations of stars, planets, comets, meteors, satellites on how to locate them, understanding their motion across the sky. Few planets, the sun, and the moon will be tracked through the course & data will be recorded to analyze their motions. (2 sessions)

The Science of Celestial Objects

Understanding stars, planets and their moons, their formations and including exciting topics like black holes. The rich history of how science unravelled the mysteries of the night sky involving several scientists over several centuries. (2 sessions)

Earth Science

Understanding different aspects of Earth's climate, seasons, atmosphere and related aspects opens up windows to compare and contrast other planets within our solar system and in other star systems as well. Understanding what happened to Venus is critical to understand global warming in our home planet. (1 session)

Live Stargazing Session

As much as we learn about stars, planets, and other celestial objects, see them in pictures, the experience of looking at them live with our naked eyes and through binoculars and telescopes is truly amazing. One look at Saturn's rings through the telescope can trigger a sense on wonder and awe for a lifetime. (1 session)



Number of sessions: 5 (in-classroom) + 1 (stargazing)

In-classroom session duration: 2 hours per session

Stargazing session duration: 3 hours per session

PS: The stargazing session will be from a dark site. The students will get activities worth 1.5 hours per session

Join us on a spectacular space journey!

Note: Inclusive of materials, stargazing travel, accommodation & food




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