Science and Math in Everyday Life

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Kids are born scientists. If you don’t believe us, count the number of times they ask ‘why’! What can puzzles teach us? Why do we have days and nights? What is the science behind cooking? How do termites build their own homes? Embrace your child’s curiosity by letting them explore science, technology and math in a camp, that feels nothing like school. Yes, science is all around us and extends beyond labs and classrooms to daily life.

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Why should you choose this camp? How do we drive the curriculum? What would your kid learn from this camp?

Obuli Chandran
Science Educator
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Arumugham Sankaran

Arumugham S
Computer Science Educator
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  • Day 1 Puzzles and Programming
  • Day 2 Meet Roberto, the Insect Architect
  • Day 3 Insect Quest: All about termites
  • Day 4 Wonders of the night sky
  • Day 5 Chemistry in everyday life
coimbatore coding club

Architect & Educator
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G V Residency
Mango Education - Map

May 13 - May 17
10 am - 1 pm

Early bird
3500 INR - Pay now

On-spot or later
4000 INR

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