Build Your Own Satellite

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There is an increase in enthusiasm for space science. Rockets, Astronomy, Stars, black hole are the words you hear when you find kids having a conversation. After the cold war, the Satellite race slowed down. Thanks to the enthusiasm shown by private players like SpaceX and successful missions by ISRO and other government space agencies, the excitement is back. With big aspiration for a manned mission to moon and mars, the need for kids to get exposed to space technology is quite essential.

In the two days summer camp, kids build their own CAN satellite, understand the basics of electronics and circuitry. More importantly, the need for capturing data through sensors. This, of course, would involve learning more about different satellites, different types of orbits and working principle of satellites. Kids with interest in robotics, space science, physics and astronomy would enjoy the satellite building camp here at Coimbatore

Kids have to bring their own laptop and mouse

Camp Overview

Why should you choose this camp? How do we drive the curriculum? What would your kid learn from this camp?

Arduino in play - Mango Arduino Workshop

Day 1 - What is a Satellite?

  • Introduction To Satellite
  • Principles and Working of Satellite
  • Understanding Orbits and Communication
  • Electronics and Circuitry to setup the satellite
  • Introduction to Arduino and Coding
  • Q and A with Expert

Hari Shankar
Engineer & Educator
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Day 2 - Let us build one!

  • Soldering of Sensors
  • Writing code to get data
  • Integrating sensors and testing it
  • launching the CAN Satellite and testing it

Camp Details

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GV Residency
Mango Education - Map

May 18 - May 19
10 am - 4 pm

Early bird
3250 INR - Pay now

On-spot or later
3750 INR

A picture is worth a thousand words. A satellite image is worth a million dollars.
- Sarah Parcak