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Everyday technology is getting more and more personalised. Gone are those days when cars were this beast with so many controllers. Now you can control with the touch of your mobile phone. Sensors have made machines, more and more personalised. From the watches that you were to the stove for cooking, everything has sensors. ‘Internet of things’, from connecting humans to computers, connecting machines to the internet will radically change we interact with machines.

Note: Kids need to bring their own laptop, an Android phone, and a mouse.

Camp Overview

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A team that ardently works towards upskilling children in science, maths and computers in an intelligent, practical and funfilled method. Wish every teacher in schools here could teach like them. We'll have world's best brains coming out from Coimbatore. A

Reni Auxiliya
Parent, Coimbatore

The Joy of Making an Arduino Project - Mango Arduino Workshop

Mobile and Arduino

  • Mobile sensor application demo
  • Creating a simple app with one basic sensor
  • Kids replicate the apps hands-on
  • Kids replicate the second app
  • Kids create their own ideas app or existing apps for the general purpose
  • Arduino application demo
  • Arduino with LED
  • Arduino with servo motor
  • Arduino project by integrating servo and LED
  • Arduino project


Researcher & Innovator
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Android Application Integration

  • App with proximity sensor
  • App with light sensor or sound sensor
  • App creation for external ultrasonic sensor
  • Arduino with Ultrasonic sensor
  • Arduino and MIT App Integration

Mango Education is a wonderful venture. My son just loves his time there. Obuli and Arumugam are really passionate about Science and teaching kids. Be it their crash course or their star gazing night or their latest scientist interaction programme, it's all very innovative and interesting for the kids and parents.

Visalakshi Jaiganesh
Parent, Coimbatore

Mango Education guys are doing a fabulous job using inter disciplinary and non-linear teaching methods... their passion and involvement makes it happen

Boopathy Jayaraman
Parent, Coimbatore


  • IMU importance
  • App with IMU sensor
  • App for IMU external sensor
  • Arduino with IMU sensor data collection
  • Arduino and MIT App integration for IMU sensor

Hackathon for Kids

A kid wondering about Arduino - Mango Arduino Workshop

Camp Details

Camp particulars, and other details

Camp 1

G.V. Residency
Mango Education - Map

April 22 to 26
10 am - 4 pm

Camp 2

Andipalayam. Tirupur
Shrishti Pregnancy Care - Map

April 29 - May 3
10 am - 4 pm

Camp 3

Sreevatsa Lunchbox - Map

May 6 - May 10
10 am - 4 pm

Early bird booking
6500 INR (Coimbatore Camp) - Pay now
6900 INR (Tirupur Camp) - Pay now

On-spot or later
7300 INR (Coimbatore Camp)
7700 INR (Tirupur Camp)

Computer Science is all about using computer is like saying Astronomy is all about using Telescope
- Edsger Dijkstra