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When Galileo observed the Jupiter and its moons, or the phases of Venus, or the moon through a telescope, it should have been a spectacular sight to remember for a lifetime. He was able to record his observations only through drawing, as technologies to record otherwise like photography didn't exist. The advancements in photography have unleashed wide opportunities to freeze spectacular sights in time in terms of pictures. Recording what is on the night sky is both wonderful and scientifically important. This workshop is about understanding the techniques in taking pictures of the night sky and the importance of the same.

NOTE: Kids have to bring their own camera. Camera with ASM mode.

Camp Overview

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Mango Education Astronomy Club


  • Documenting Astronomy.
  • Effectively documenting the night sky using photography.
  • Understanding the motion of the objects in the night sky.
  • How evolution of the celestial objects have been observed by documenting them. Eg. The shrinking red spot of Jupiter, supernova, the tilt of the Saturn's rings from our perspective, etc.
  • The night sky is a continuously moving frame and how to account for it and take pictures.

We are so thankful to Mango education and team. Our son learned a lot about astronomy. Especially the way of teaching by Obuli Chandran had ignited a spark towards astronomy among the children. They are going to glow like stars in the future for sure. Thanks again!

Sabitha Vinod
Parent, Coimbatore

Kids and Parent Observing The Night Sky at Mango Education Young Astronomer Program Night Out


Day 1

  • Morning - Start from Coimbatore
  • Afternoon - Have lunch at Coonoor and take rest for the evening session
  • Evening - Understanding different camera mode, exposure triangle and understanding low light
  • Dusk - Photo walk during the golden hour
  • Night - Set up the camera, understanding the night sky and capturing pictures

Day 2

  • Morning - Post processing and interaction with experts
  • Afternoon lunch
  • Reach Coimbatore by late evening
Mango Coimbatore Astronomy Club

Obuli Chandran
Science Educator
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Aasif Iqbal J
Travel Photographer and Educator
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Milky Way Mango Astrophotography


  • Build interest in astronomy and documenting the night sky.
  • Learn basics of physics.
  • Understand the difficulty in astrophotography, and what types of tools or telescopes would work for astrophotography.
  • Observe how a picture is taken of the moon through a telescope and also without it.
  • How telescopes can help taking better picture under low light conditions.

Obuli Chandran really ur bunch of Young Astronomers batch is proving awesome. They all r superb. Hats off to u to give them this much knowledge in a span of 6 months. Tku again Obuli Chandran and mango education for this wonderful opportunity with Mithun Meenakshi Mohan

Saraswathi Swaminathan
Parent, Coimbatore

Glowing Stars

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Pallainayappa Estates - Map

May 6 - May 7
10 am - 4 pm

Fee (per kid)
4500 INR - Pay now

Fee (per parent)
2000 INR - Pay now

Do not look at stars as bright spots only. Try to take in the vastness of the universe.
- Maria Mitchell