All about Space Science!

Celebrating Science from Apr 15th - May 15th | 2017

This Summer for Space Science Camp, kids wear different lens to get diverse perspectives for understanding cosmos. They travel through their learning journey using Science and Technology to understand them.

Hands-on Scientific Experiments


Field Trip


Scientist Talk


Engineering Problems


Computational Thinking


Design Challenges


Kids are Natural Born Scientist!

Grouped based on ‘interest’ and supported by our passionate mentors, kids take on space science tailored with outdoor activities, trips, and they learn lasting innovation skills like collaboration and reflection.

Theme Based Learning

Learning is an integrated process, and when various concepts are taught in isolation with each other, they never make much sense to kids. Here, the concepts from different areas of study that are connected to Space Science and are taught in an interdisciplinary manner.

Learn by Travelling

Confining kids always to a room, isn’t the best way to instigate their curiosity. Travelling to places in real time exposes them to the wonders of the world and connect the concepts they learn with world around them. Through Field trips to companies and Research organization we wish to inspire them into Space Science

Honing desired skillset

While all these practical exposure to concepts, theme based learning are happening, the courses invariably start to sharpen their specific skill sets that are what we call the tools required to study nature. In the internet era with the easy access to knowledge, it is important for kids to build wisdom through experience to face the 21st century.

Age Diversity

Learning is Diverse, Dynamic and Different for each kid. However learning with like-minded friends is way better irrespective of the age and gender. At the programs, kids are grouped based on ‘interest’ rather than ‘age’ as we believe it is an ideal environment for accelerated learning

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Space Science Camp

For Kids 10 years and above
Space Science Camp_Ramanathapuram

Our ancestors have been observing the night sky for eons. However in the recent times, with the advent of science and technology, humans have been able to observe and study things that were previously were thought to be impossible. We have witnessed some of most important scientific breakthroughs in the history of mankind. Kids are naturally curious about their environment and even more so about space. In this camp kids will get to see ‘the cosmos’ by wearing the lens of physics, engineering, mathematics, biology and more. Kids will ride a journey where they explore experimental science, face engineering challenges, embrace scientific method, and transform into critical thinkers and problem solvers.

calendar5 Days
clock10 AM – 5 PM

Field Trips

For Kids 10 years and above

One of most important scientific breakthroughs is the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin. The genius inside him was awakened when he began his famous ‘voyage of the beagle’ where he explored different places by traveling. Travel is a source of knowledge and inspiration. As part of Mango Science festival we have arranged for field trips to various places where kids can explore nature and learn.

clock To be decided

Astronomy Planet and Star gazing Nightout

For Kids 10 years and above

When Galileo, for the first time, pointed his self made telescope towards Jupiter, what he observed would be the beginning of modern astronomical Science. He saw the four moons of Jupiter, the first time ever satellites were found to be orbiting another planet. This night out camp is a wonderful experience for kids where they will get to see night sky through a telescope. Seeing Jupiter and it’s moons, the rings of Saturn, the phases of Venus and the craters of our own moon is sure to kindle the curiosity of kids. They will also be enjoying naked eye observation of the night sky. The night out is also filled with lot of team activities and a space science themed movie. There would also be a question and answer session where kids get to ask any question related to Astronomy and get them answered.

clock6 PM – 6 AM (nightout)

Scientist Talk

For Kids 10 years and above

Michael Faraday was naturally curious about science and his passion was fueled by Sir Humpry Davy’s lectures he attended. As Carl Sagan puts it ‘ kids are natural born scientist’. The interactions with scientists will help kids discover the scientist within them and also get to peek into the life of a scientist. This program is set to inspire kids to embrace and develop interest in Science.

clockTo be Decided

What parents say about our work

“He got answers for lot of questions in his mind about space and universe. Thanks a lot to Mango Education for organizing such an event for kids. Waiting eagerly to participate in more events.”



“Mango education is an excellent after school program which motivates kids to understand science and math in a easy way. I admire the passion of teaching in the instructors . My kids really like your classes so much”

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