Why A Club?

Clubs create an excellent platform for kids to learn in a structured manner and discover the joy of collaboration. The Science At Home Club is a learning community where parents and kids come together to experience simple and fascinating ways of learning science from home with support from a course facilitator.

Club Mentors

A team of experts, educators, and science communicators.

Deepa R.
Educator & Storyteller
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Obuli Chandran
Science Communicator & Educator
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For Parents

  • Create a community of parents to design and share experiences for children in the club
  • Empower parents to create learning experiences for their children at home

For The Child

  • Help children learn 'how to learn'
  • Enable children to learn through observations and experimentation instead of overloading them with concepts

Why Should You Be A Part Of This Club?

With the current pandemic situation, sending our children anywhere outside puts them at risk.
At the same time, their learning should never stop. Science at Home Club will ensure that your child learns even by staying at home and also have a virtual peer-group to learn from!


  • Science at Home is an initiative by Mango Education. We are pioneers in the field of science education. Our team's cumulative experience in this field is more than 40 years.
  • Our team comprises of parents like you who have 5 to 7-year-old kids. So, the club is designed meticulously keeping both the child and the parent in mind.
  • Learning through clubs has been effective and our students are a testimony for that.
  • A life long network of like-minded peers for the kids and you as well.

The Scientific Foundation

What neuroscience says about learning at this age

Neuroscience reveals that the exposure given to children between 5 to 7 years strengthens the millions of synapses produced during this phase. To avoid saturation, the absorbing mind of a child needs to be allowed to explore and experience the world around them.

Between birth and the age of 6, children experience “sensitive periods” for learning specific skills. Once a sensitive period has passed, it is lost forever. Hence, it is crucial that parents/caregivers support the child during this period. These sensitive periods are 'optimal points during development for mastering certain tasks'.

At MAngo Science At Home Club, the child is exposed to diverse activities and experiences that strengthen their synaptic transmission and build their capacity.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn"

What are the benefits?

List of features as part of the joining the online learning club

  • 12 Science Stories for the child
  • 12 Projects for the child to document their world
  • 6 Workshops for the parent-child duo with experts
  • 4 Newsletters consisting of the work of the community members
  • 12 Showcases by community members
  • 12 PAN Talks by community members on experience and empowerment

*Please note - The figures mentioned above are for an annual plan and will vary for a monthly subscription.

Monthly Subscription
950 ₹/month

950 INR/month | monthly payment


Annual Subscription
800 ₹/month

800 INR/month | annual payment


Features In Detail


One science story a month on the monthly theme with a small activity


Parent-child duo will do a monthly presentation on a mutually agreed topic to the rest of the members


6 Workshops per year for parents by subject-matter-expert on designing learning experiences


Quarterly newsletter made as a community on the projects and activities during the 3 months


One project per month to help children explore and document one aspect of their world

PAN Talk

Parents can choose to hold empowering or experience-sharing webinars on mutually agreed topics in the community space

Science at home for 5 to 7-year-olds. Download the audio for a sample activity, and get started!

1. What is the amount of screen time?
Just 3 hours per month

2. Do you have offline activities?
Of course. We have a bunch of fun and engaging offline activities throughout

3. Will the activities overburden my child?
Don't worry, your child will spend only 8 hours per month on activities.


Learn By Doing

Explore and discover the joy of learning

Activity session for kids at the baking science workshop
kids hands on science of angry birds rs puram