Rube Goldberg Machine


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Have you watched the Apoorva Sagodharargal movie? The fascinating movie of Kamal Haasan? Remember the way Appu used a machine to shoot an arrow, the machine is Rube Goldberg's idea. Rube Goldberg machine has fascinated engineers for a long time. Time for kids to get exposed and think like an engineer and in the process get exposed to fundamental science and mathematics


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  • Lubrication
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  • Reinforcement and slope

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Bala dhandapani
Researcher& Innovator
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RS Puram
Orange Sprout - Map

March 29
10 am - 4 pm

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You have a pet theory, one you have been turning over for years, that life itself is a kind of Rube Goldberg device, an extremely complicated machine designed to carry out the extremely simple task of constructing your soul.
- Kevin Brockmeier

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