Mango Education Kids night out astronomy
Mango Education Kids night out astronomy
Mango Education Kids night out astronomy

The Night Sky through the eyes of Astronomy

Humans have always been enthralled by the sight of the night sky. Our ancestors’ unrelenting search for knowledge about the sky and the objects in it, has led to an astronomical revolution in our understanding of the universe. We humans, even today, continue to expand this search, at an ever increasing rate. The planet and star gazing nightout program is for kids to understand what is up there after they go to sleep. The program will open up the minds of kids, enabling them to see the nature through the eyes of astronomy. The Program will change the way kids think and make them appreciate the wonders of the night sky and put them on a course to search for even more.

Key takeaways

  • Understanding the patterns and objects in the night sky
  • Learn about the telescopes
  • Group Activities
  • Q and A session on Night Sky

10 PM to 4 AM

29th December, 2017

10 yrs & above

1200 INR

About the Educator

Science Communicator & Educator
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Obuli, A PSG Tech Alumni, is a Science Communicator and Educator. He brings out his passion for physics and math in every class, which spreads across the spacetime within the reaches of kids. He has been teaching physics and math to kids across different age groups for past three years and strongly believes that learning is like time, it has to flow, else it ceases to have meaning, for anyone, be it a teacher or a student.

What Parents Say

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

He got answers for lot of questions in his mind about space and universe. Thanks a lot to Mango Education for organizing such an event for kids. Waiting eagerly to participate in more events.

Praveena S Prabu

The star gazing event provided an opportunity for Nithin to equip himself with knowledge about the stars and space. It triggered his interest in learning more about the planets.He enjoyed the event and was so happy he could see some planets and identify leo triangle. Looking forward to more such events.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I pay the fees?
You can either pay the fee online using the option above or you could pay the fees at the venue, at the beginning of our program.

Do we parents also get to see through telescope?
Of course, it is fun if you haven’t experienced it. In most of the sessions, parents stay with us throughout the program for the telescope session.

What about Dinner?
No, we do not provide dinner at the campsite. So kindly plan accordingly.

Things to be carried?
It is going to be a night out, so we request you to pack proper warm clothes, bed sheets in case kids feel sleepy (based on our experience very rarely it happens). Kindly do carry water bottle

Is there any stay arranged?
It is a campsite with a restroom facility. But the beds need to be carried.

How many kids per batch are allowed?
A maximum of 20 kids per batch.

Who are you guys?
We are a bunch of Engineers turned Educators to put it in short. Please visit  By the way, we got featured in The Hindu Metro Plus, click here to read about us.

How do I enrol my child in this program?
Click on the button ‘Join this program’ in the above section of this page. We shall keep you updated with the timing when we start the new batch.

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