Manure making workshop for parents and kids


Why should kids join this program?

On one side you have industrialisation of Agriculture and massive usage of fertilizers and pesticides to meet the instant-demands of  Consumers(us). Consumer also are seeking fresh, bright and insect free food which is leading to more wastage and inorganic and unhealthy Agriculture practices.

The other side, India generates about 62 million tons of bio-waste every year. Not only the waste has increased in quantity, but the characteristics of waste have also changed tremendously over a period. One approach to make use of this waste is to use Bio-composting technique for growing plants. Here is an opportunity for kids to understand the science of organic manure and also implement in their day to day life, contributing their little intiate to reduce wastage.

Dr.Prabagaran, a microbiology scientist will lead parents and kids with this exploration

Parents and kids will be provided with the Manure making kit

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Dr. SR Prabagaran
Microbiology Scientist and Educator
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Orange Sprout
R S Puram - Map

September 1st
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

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“Happiness and bacteria have one thing in common; they multiply by dividing!”
- Rutvik Oza


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