Wild Detectives! Chasing wild cats


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A unique online Course that initiates a child into the fantastic world of secrecy, discovery and adventure as they learn how to be wildlife detectives. Through the three month online course the child will play the role of researcher, detective and a junior conservationist. The course will provide the child an opportunity to learn how to map, read wild signs, decipher clues that reveal cultural perceptions of wild cats, understand how camera traps work, how to measure tracks in the wild and in the end write and collate his/her discoveries for publishing in an international online magazine.


- A total of 12 interactions including 4 webinars.. Sessions can be attended by the kids from anywhere in the world with the help of Internet and a computer.
- Kids will receive detective kits to practice at home before the start of the course.
- Map reading and research activities
- One webinar with a field expert.
- An optional field trip to a wildlife sanctuary to understand field reality.

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Payal Molur
Scriptwriter and Researcher
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Online webinar starts on - Sunday, October 13
(registration closes on September 29)

Early bird fee 9000 INR
(valid till September 25)
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The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.
- Arthur Conan Doyle

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