Wild Detectives! Finding Feathers! – Online course on Birds

Mango Education and Zooreach present

Wild Detectives! Finding Feathers! - Online course on Birds

Over the course of 10 weeks kids will uncover the secrets of how birds evolved and adapted. Kids go on the trail of our feathered friends and will gain skills to explore these brilliant creatures. They will get an introduction to Ornithology - the systematic and scientific study of birds.

  • Kids learn to identify at least 30 common birds of India found in their gardens, from the comfort of their homes.
  • Guided by a bird expert, kids will uncover the secrets of how birds evolved and adapted.
  • They will also discover awe-inspiring bird migrations and their amazing ability to detect the earth’s magnetic field for long distance travel.
  • Kids will also get an insight into the different tools used by scientists to study birds while understanding the plight of birds in this ever-changing human-dominated world.
  • By the end of the course the kids may be eligible to become citizen scientists and help by collecting scientific data on birds and join an elite group of global bird enthusiasts!
  • Webinars and Online Q&As with Educator and Experts

Starts on: February 2nd, 2020
Duration: 10 Weeks
Interaction classes: 5 Webinars


Life Science Partner

Self-directed learning at Home

There will be enough activites and lessons designed for kids to learn at their own pace.

  • Wild Detective kit with all the materials
  • 10 Weekly activity
  • Curating learning resources and materials

Mentorship and Engagement

Education is essential for Community Development. Human interaction is critical for children to get exposure and fall in love with learning.

  • 5 Webinars with Educator
  • 1 Webinar with Expert/Scientist working in the field
  • Forum to post their questions and get them asnwered from a team of enthusiat and experts

Like-minded Community

Imagine a classroom where you have children, educator, expert: all with a common interest who discuss, debate and read.

  • Online classroom for children to connect and learn from each other during the online course
  • Kids will join the Online Wildlife community, with enthusiast, experts and educators after the online course

Experience based learning

Knowledge has become "google-able". Experience and wisdom accelerate their understanding and drive their curiosity.

  • Participants will get access to an optional Wildlife Expedition, where they get to meet the Educator and observe birds and other wildlife under their guidance.

Message from Educator(s)

All about our instructors and educators

Wildlife Researcher and Educator
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"They are all around you, colourful and full of feathers! Of course, I am talking about birds. They come in all shapes and sizes and are found on every continent. In this unique online wild detective course, kids go on the trail of our feathered friends. Over the course of 10 weeks they get an introduction to ornithology and will gain skills to explore these brilliant creatures. Kids will uncover the secrets of how birds evolved and adapted. They will also discover bird migrations and their amazing ability to detect the earth’s magnetic field for long distance travel."

Kavya D
Teaching Assistant, Bird Enthusiast
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"It is essential for learners to develop a habit of QUESTIONING. Progress in any field is only possible when the crux of matter is well explored, for which, the initial step is questioning. Kids should never be demoralized for asking questions. I was fortunate enough to be accompanied by my elders who were intensively supportive and guided me through everything. I always followed the method of “ Self Motivation “, generally seeking examples from daily life and connecting them with the learning process. Personally, I'd suggest that Learners should always be allowed to explore the maximum they can by themselves. Force / Compulsion kills Curiosity. If Learners are curious about a particular subject, the only input they require is Guidance."


What parents had to say about our previous programs

I thank Priyanka and Payal for their enthusiasm in teaching about nature. Interesting information flowing from them non-stop to whoever cared to listen. Along with Nitin, I was also exposed to a new world of Urban Biodiversity. The trips to TNAU, Achankulam lake, and NBNP were amazing, and taught us about the basic flora and fauna in the region. Nitin is better sensitized to Nature and is more aware of his environment. He takes good photographs too which reinforces his memories.
Dr.Lathika Dorairaj
Parent, Coimbatore

It was wonderful to watch the children learn not only basics and technicalities behind good photography, but also the importance of wildlife/Nature conservation, ethics in Wildlife photography and lots more in the "Photography workshop" by Mango Education and Zoo Outreach !!! The final photo exhibition was a nice boost to them. Wonderful work, Team Mango Education and ZOO.

Kokilashree Alangaram
Parent, Coimbatore

Rohan had never held a camera in his life. At Mango Education he learnt to see the world through the lens, to fix his subject within a frame and freeze them in time! He explored life and the beautiful colours of nature up close as he had never done before! From the fluttering butterflies of TNAU to the exotic birds of Nilgiris Biosphere, Mango Education opened the doors to a new world to explore! It has been an enriching experience for him. I would recommend this to children who have varied interests. The initiative by the “bunch of engineers turned educators” as Mango Education team calls themselves has to be truly appreciated.
Bibi Deepu
Parent, Coimbatore

A write up about the course at The Hindu Metro Plus

"Payal is only too happy to explain how the course works. “The children will be given a project; say watch a particular thing in their area, keep notes and report findings at the end of a week. Activities will be given through the month. They will present their research to the others in the batch and the guide. This is a way for them to show they are both responsible and independent. The long-term goal is to build a group of citizen scientists.”
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Program Details

Program particulars, and other details.

February 2, 2020

Introductory Webinar
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Early bird booking last date: January 25th
9000 INR

Last date for Registration: January 30th
9800 INR

(Fee includes shipment across India)

For bulk booking with more than 5 students, call 9952243541


Moments from previous Wildlife programs

Explore the activities from our previous sessions

Coimbatore kids exploring wildlife

I buy kits and toys, but it ends up in the collection and my kids don't learn. Will it really work?
The Wild Detective kit is a complement to the online course and not a collection set. The materials have been handpicked keeping in mind of the learner, The kit also contains tools that will slowly help them to learn by themselves.

How does online course work? Can someone actually learn online?
The online course is not a pure video lessons based course. We also believe that Technology cannot replace the Educator.We are using internet as a tool to enable more interaction with Educator/Expert.

Can kids learn by themselves through just webinar and kit? Step by Step instruction and webinars.
The activites and kits are designed keeping in mind of this, there will be step by step instructions given and webinars are primarily for Q&A facilitation. Just the webinar or kit wont enable kids to learn, we are trying to create an ideal environment in which kids can learn.

What if I miss one class? What do I do?
The webinar are primarily inteaction session for children and educator. All the class lesson will be part of the activity so they will not miss anything and also we will be sharing the recorded Webinar. However we highly recommend parents and children to plan to attend the webinar, as we believe learning is accelerated with interaction with educator/mentor is more.

Why learn Wildlife from you guys? My child has already learnt about wildlife through youtube and other magazines.
The course is created by Zoo Outreach Organization, A wildlife conservation organization that has been working on Research for more than 30 years. Their wide experience in Wildlife and Research gets kids a peek inside the life of a Scientist. The Wild detectives course is designed keeping this in mind.  You can know more about Zoo Outreach Organization here

What if my child gets distracted in the middle? - Engagement through webinars and classroom
Our Webinars and forums enable children to stay connected.

Does the learning end after I attend this course?
Definitely not!. The kids will become part of the growing Wildlife Community and join the Wildlife Expeditions we intend to do throughout the year.