Understanding Metals Around Us


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Metals are a part of our everyday usage. In this session, we will be learning about the metals around us and how they are moulded into objects of everyday use and more.

Expert: Mr.Sri Rajan, Engineer & Metallurgist

Mr.Sri Rajan did his engineering in Metallurgy from PSG college of Technology. He has around 8+ years of Industrial experience in casting and metal forming. He started his career in a foundry and has experience with different types of casting technology like investment casting, sand casting, gravity die casting and counter gravity centrifugal casting process. Later he moved to the metal forming industry of Aluminium which deforms the material to flat products through the process of rolling. He has visited various similar plants in and around the world and is currently specialising in the hot rolling process of Aluminium.

In this session, Mr.Sri Rajan will be discussing and answering kids' questions on types of casting, vacuum induction melting, hot rolling of Aluminium, industrial safety, superalloys, turbochargers, and more!

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Mr.Sri Rajan

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October 24th
6 pm - 7:30 pm

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"If precious metals had been abundant, they would not have been precious. "ย  ย ย 

- Henry Hazlitt

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