Mango Education Pressure experiment
Mango Education Pressure experiment
Mango Education Pressure experiment
Mango Education Pressure experiment
Mango Education Pressure experiment

Get to see a storm through a straw

This course lets kids ride through the science of something that we have always felt its presence, desperately needing it at times, and sometimes not. It is ‘wind’. Through the course they will get to understand wind, its formation and why is it important. Fundamental science concepts involved would be learnt through hands on activities and experiments. They will also learn about monsoons, especially in Indian context. They finally will reason out what is common between the two seemingly distinct events – drinking a juice using a straw and a violent storm.

Key takeaways

  • Newton’s Laws
  • Concept of Pressure
  • Beginner Level Algebra
  • Problem Solving
  • Pressure related experiments
  • Statistics

2 hrs a class (1 day/week )

8 classes

20 kids/ Batch

10 yrs & above

About the Educator

Science Communicator & Educator
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Obuli, A PSG Tech Alumni, is a Science Communicator and Educator. He brings out his passion for physics and math in every class, which spreads across the spacetime within the reaches of kids. He has been teaching physics and math to kids across different age groups for past three years and strongly believes that learning is like time, it has to flow, else it ceases to have meaning, for anyone, be it a teacher or a student.

What Parents Say

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Anitha Mahendran

"Mango education is a wonderful platform to encourage students about science not as a subject but as an environment with lots of practical experiments just to make the students to feel the science in and around them. Hats off to the team for this creative art of learning science."

Indra Nambi

“Mango education is an excellent after school program which motivates kids to understand science and math in a easy way. I admire the passion of teaching in the instructors. My kids really like your classes so much”

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I pay the fees?
You could pay the fees at the venue, at the beginning of our program.

How many kids per batch are allowed?
A maximum of 20 kids per batch.

Will kids become experts after this program?

No. The CRASH COURSE is designed for kids as a jumping pad to fall in love with the topics. Our CRASH COURSE will not make them an expert. Like any sports, expertise comes with practice and perseverance. We would direct them the path to built expertise.

Who are you guys?
We are a bunch of Engineers turned Educators to put it in short. Please visit  By the way, we got featured in The Hindu Metro Plus, click here to read about us.

How do I enroll my child to this program?
Click on the button ‘Join this program’ in the above section of this page. We shall keep you updated with the timing when we start the new batch.

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