Shopkeeper Math


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A shopkeeper's job is not easy. He has to deal with a lot of numbers. Some numbers represent value and some quantity. How are they related? How do you measure it? Your little one dons the hat of a shopkeeper to connect with the science and math of measurement.

A self-paced course for 8 to 10-year-old kids. This course provides children with an opportunity to learn the concept of weight, value, and money.


The course aims to help the child

  • Understand the need for numbers
  • Learn the history of transactions
  • Understand the concept of measuring a quantity
  • Analyse why states of matter influence the weighing methods
  • Discover the need for and concept of money in transactions


A balance scale designed and constructed by the child

Bonus: 1 week of free access to the Peer Learning Community- Mango Kids Ask

*Please note: The course commencement is customised according to your time of registration. You can begin as soon as you enrol.

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Obuli Chandran

Obuli Chandran
Science Communicator and Educator
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"What is mathematics? It is only a systematic effort of solving puzzles posed by nature."
- Shakuntala Devi

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