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Boom, crack, wham, ssssssss, whoosh ... the sound is everywhere. Did you know that sound can be measured? That it has speed, volume, pitch and frequency? There are sounds that animals make which are beyond our hearing like bats, however using instruments like bat detectors we can spy on them! With Diwali just having finished and the number of crackers becoming more and louder, it is important for children to understand the properties of sound, how we hear and what is the impact for us as well as animals. This workshop helps kids discover and explore the properties of sound; how animals use it, how humans have mimicked animal sound techniques and used it in technology.


  • Understand how sound comes in wave patterns and is measured in decibels and frequency
  • How sound is plotted on a spectrogram
  • How animals can make sounds far higher or lower than what humans can hear
  • Why animals make different sounds
  • How humans are using some of these sound techniques in technology
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Sanjay Molur
Scientist & Wildlife Conservationist
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Obuli Chandran
Science Communicator
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November 17
5 pm - 7:30 pm

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750 INR

The universal sound that depicts peace is the purr of a kitty
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Sea Lion! Oh boy, it's happy! :)
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