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Expert: Swathikha Sundaram, Automotive Engineer

Taking inspiration from her grandfather who was an automobile expert, Swathikha developed a passion for cars at a very early age. This further urged her to study Mechanical Engineering. She has been involved in local Formula type racing events as part of the pit crew and further went on to build a student formula type car along with her college team. They have participated in events in Austria and Germany. Later, she went on to study Mechatronics in Germany and has worked there in Product Development for 5 years. Now she is back in India to support her father's business - Thunder Auto LLP, a manufacturer of Automotive Garage Equipment.

In this text-based Q&A, Swathika will be discussing and answering questions on racing, suspension tuning, driving techniques, and more!

The discussion will be in the form of a chat-based interaction and is open to all!

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Swathikha Sundaram
Automotive Engineer

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July 30th, Thursday
6:30 pm - 8 pm

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150 INR

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