Moto Maker – Automobile course for kids

Moto Maker : Automobile online course for kids

Over the course of 10 weeks, passionate and curious minds get together to observe, measure, design and build a futuristic mobility solution that is nothing like what is out there yet.

  • Kids learn to appreaciate physics, measurement and engineering through the love of cars.
  • Kids learn and observe mobililty solutions around them through various activities in and around their city.
  • The course involves some basics of data processing like average and correlation.
  • Kids will learn to use 3D design software to ideate their idea
  • By the end of the course the kids will design a concept model of futuristic mobility solution.
  • Webinars and Online Q&As with Educator and Experts

Starts on: February 2nd, 2020
Duration: 10 Weeks
Interaction classes: 5 Webinars


Self-directed learning at Home

There will be enough activites and lessons designed for kids to learn at their own pace.

  • Moto-Maker kit with all the materials
  • 10 Weekly activity
  • Curating learning resources and materials

Mentorship and Engagement

Education is a Community Development. Human interaction is critical for children to get exposure and fall in love with learning.

  • 5 Webinars with Educator
  • 1 Webinar with Expert/Scientist working in the field
  • Forum to post their questions and get them answered by a team of enthusiasts and experts

Like-minded Community

Imagine a classroom where you have children, educator, expert: all with a common interest who discuss, debate, and read.

  • Online classroom for children to connect and learn from each other during the online course
  • Kids will join the Online Moto-Maker community with enthusiasts, experts and educators after the online course

Experience based learning

Knowledge has become "google-able". Experience and wisdom make them accelerate their understanding and drive their curiosity

  • Participants will get access to an optional  Expedition, where they get to meet the Educator and with them, visit factories or Research facilities that are exploring the working of future mobility

Message from Educator(s)

All about our instructors and educators

Vivek Devaraj
Automobile Engineer and Educator
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"Are emissions the only problem in the Automotive world? Do cars, bikes and air-crafts excite you more than anything? Out of the box ideas often come from people outside the box. In this course, passionate and curious minds get together to observe, learn , design and build a futuristic mobility solution that is nothing like what's out there. The course is designed to use technology to leverage the learning experience for the kid by blending online and in-person interactions to achieve the best experience. The ultimate goal of the program is to empower passionate minds with adequate understanding of science and realistic bounds of engineering to solve the problems in mobility. Curated bit size content, guided observations in the real world, field trips to factories, garages and race events, access to workshops and prototyping centres make the course a unique experience filled with fun."


What parents had to say about our previous programs

Very good initiative. Schools should take notice of these programs, and parents must believe and work with these guys who have a different perspective on learning. I am confident that one day these programs will be known for their impact on kids who outperform.
Good luck.
Parent, Coimbatore

My son Jisnu and I attended Vivek Devaraj's program. It was a very good exposure for my kid. My special thanks to the team who took excellent efforts in making the program the right way.

Udhaya Abirami
Parent, Erode

A very good place for kids to start thinking on their own. Science concepts are taught as simple experiments. Nice team work. Thanks Mango Education team!
Parent, Coimbatore

Program Details

Program particulars, and other details.

February 2nd 2020

Introductory Webinar
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Early bird booking last date : January 25th
9000 INR

Last date for Registration : January 30th
9800 INR

(Fee includes shipment across India)

For bulk booking with more than 5 students, call 9952243541


Moments from previous programs

Explore the activities from our previous sessions

A kid designing his first 3D object

I buy kits and toys, but it ends up in the collection and my kids don't learn. Will it really work?
The Moto-Maker kit is a complement to the online course and not a collection set. The materials have been handpicked keeping in mind of the learner, The kit also contains tools that will slowly help them to learn by themselves.

How does online course work? Can someone actually learn online?
The online course is not a pure video lessons based course. We also believe that Technology cannot replace the Educator.We are using internet as a tool to enable more interaction with Educator/Expert.

Can kids learn by themselves through just webinar and kit? Step by Step instruction and webinars.
The activites and kits are designed keeping in mind of this, there will be step by step instructions given and webinars are primarily for Q&A facilitation. Just the webinar or kit wont enable kids to learn, we are trying to create an ideal environment in which kids can learn.

What if I miss one class? What do I do?
The webinar are primarily inteaction session for children and educator. All the class lesson will be part of the activity so they will not miss anything and also we will be sharing the recorded Webinar. However we highly recommend parents and children to plan to attend the webinar, as we believe learning is accelerated with interaction with educator/mentor is more.

Why learn Automobile from you guys? My child has already learnt about cars, vehicles through youtube and other magazines.
The course has been created with keeping children in mind. Yes, in this information era, information is abundant but relevant, curated content and wisdom is missing. We believe when children interact with expert/professionals, the wisdom sharing happens.

What if my child gets distracted in the middle? - Engagement through webinars and classroom
Our Webinars and forums enable children to stay connected.

Does the learning end after I attend this course?
Definitely not!. The kids will become part of the growing Moto-Maker Community and join the Learning Expeditions we intend to do throughout the year.