Nature Through Mobile


Why should kids join this program?

In order to contribute to the scientific community, gone are those days when the only individual with white coats, inexpensive laboratories, bring specimens, identify, sketch and document it. With the advent of technology and massive adoption of smartphones, every child, adult or citizen now carries a Science laboratory in their pocket. Kids learn how tools like mobile photography, apps and various other mobile tools can make a child become a well-equipped citizen scientist and contribute to the scientific community.

Highlights of the program

  • Introduction to photography
  • Introduction to nature documentation
  • Introduction to citizen science

Educator Information

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Kamakshi Lekshmanan
Wildlife Photographer
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Priyanka  Iyer
Wildlife Researcher
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Curriculum Overview

Why should you choose this program? How do we drive the curriculum? What would your kid learn from this program?

Term I

  • Photography
    • Ice-breaking photo-walk
    • Framing and clutter
  • Nature
    • Introduction to ethics
    • Nature photography ethics
  • History of camera
    • Different camera
    • Shoot each  other activity
    • Nature documentation game
      • Google lens introduction
  • Cataloguing

Term II

  • Optics
    • Natural
    • Man-made
  • Limitation of mobile phones
  • Explore setting of mobile phone
  • Introduction to HDR with and without comparison
  • Post processing using Snapseed
  • Poster design
  • Brief about the field trip

Term III

  • Photo walk
  • Explore learning apps
    • Bird guide
    • Flower guide

At the end of the course, kids will be able to empathise with nature and take better photographs and exhibit their best work to the public in an exhibition.

Program Details

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Pappanaicken Pudur
TNAU Botanical Garden - Map

January 5th
8 am - 10 am

Early bird booking

 4700 INR - Pay now




What parents had to say about our previous programs

Mango education... I felt so proud when I saw the article for photography exhibition in the Metro newspaper as picture clicked by my daughter was there. I don’t know if it is possible to convey in words the sense of gratitude I feel when you selected her as an official photographer to cover an event. You have inspired my daughter to achieve at a level higher than I thought possible. Your guidance and encouragement during the photography sessions was invaluable — without it Alifiya surely wouldn't have been able to achieve her passion. Special Thanks to Aasif Anna and Priyanka mam. For that I am forever thankful.

Sakina Muffadal 
Parent, Coimbatore

Rohan had never held a camera in his life. At Mango Education he learnt to see the world through the lens, to fix his subject within a frame and freeze them for time! He explored life and the beautiful colours of nature up close as he had never done before! From the fluttering butterflies of TNAU to the exotic birds of Nigiris’ Biosphere, Mango Education opened the doors to a new world to explore! It has been an enriching experience for him. I would recommend this to children who have varied interests. The initiative by the “bunch of engineers turned educators” as Mango Education team calls themselves has to be truly appreciated.

Bibi Deepu
Parent, Coimbatore

It was wonderful to watch the children learn not only basics and technicalities behind good photography, but also the importance of wildlife/Nature conservation, ethics in Wildlife photography and lots more in the "Photography workshop" by the Mango Education and Zoo outreach !!! The final photo exhibition was a nice boost to them ... Wonderful work Team Mango and Zoo outreach.

Kokilashree Alangaram
Parent, Coimbatore

An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfilment.
- David Attenborough


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