Arduino for Inventor


Why should kids join this program?

Do you want the lights at your home to automatically turn on at 6 pm? How about an alert once the cooker whistles thrice? No more boring theories; Learn by doing!

Ken Watanabe, an elite McKinsey consultant wrote ‘Problem-solving 101’ for Japanese school children. His goal was to help shift the focus in Japanese education from rote learning to critical thinking, by sharing some of the insights that he learned as part of his job.

Inspired by this approach and our love for technology, we offer ‘Young Inventor’- an automation course, where kids learn to identify problems they see in their day to day life and solve them on their own using technology.

Highlights of the program

  • Access to Expert interaction sessions
  • Access to Field trips
  • Eligibility to present the work on Mango Showcase day-2020
  • A real-life, hands-on project with Educator guidance
  • Participate in Peer interaction forums

Educator Information

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Arun Rajeev
Technology Educator
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Curriculum Overview

Why should you choose this program? How do we drive the curriculum? What would your kid learn from this program?

Term I

  • Introduction to Arduino with Arduino IDE
  • Learning algorithm with C++
  • circuit building using Arduino
  • Introduction to programming

Term II

  • Learning loops with servo motors
  • Conditioning Sensors
  • Array data to make decision
  • Project (controlling of LED & buzzer - indication device)
  • Fundamentals of motors/actuators
  • Sensors - what & why?
  • Introduction to Communications (eg.bluetooth/Wifi - serial)

Term III - Project work

  • Problem identification, solution scope finalising
  • Experiment and study the problem
  • Design: Choose relevant components/sensors
  • Problem solving with minimal guidance
  • Implementation
  • Kids present their solution to the team & parents

At the end of the course, at the mini-hackathon, kids will identify a problem and build their own prototype.

Program Details

Educator info, program particulars, and other details

GV Residency
Mango Education center - Map

September 11
(Every Wednesday then on)

5 pm - 7 pm

Early bird booking
6500 INR - Pay now

On-spot or September 11th onward
7500 INR


What parents had to say about our previous programs

Mango Education guys are doing a fabulous job using inter disciplinary and non-linear teaching methods... their passion and involvement makes it happen

Boopathy Jayaraman
Parent, Coimbatore

Mango Education is a wonderful venture. My son just loves his time there. Obuli and Arumugam are really passionate about Science and teaching kids. Be it their crash course or their star gazing night or their latest scientist interaction programme, it's all very innovative and interesting for the kids and parents.

Visalakshi Jaiganesh
Parent, Coimbatore

A team that ardently works towards upskilling children in science, maths and computers in an intelligent, practical and funfilled method. Wish every teacher in schools here could teach like them. We'll have world's best brains coming out from Coimbatore. A

Reni Auxiliya
Parent, Coimbatore

Computer Science is all about using computer is like saying Astronomy is all about using Telescope
- Edsger Dijkstra


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