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Animation is generally misunderstood. On one side people assume it is a creative field and on the other side people assume it is all about learning the software. But the fundamentals of animation is storytelling, mathematics and physics. Animation is a language in which one can express. It is more about the artist than they brush, so is with the software. While kids learn the storytelling through animation, kids learn to apply the mathematics and physics involved in making a 3D animation. The course consists of total twelve classes and one field trip.


  • The kids will be able to use animation tools and softwares.
  • The kid learns observation skills.
  • Teamwork and problem solving skills
  • Application and understanding of mathematical concepts.
    • Arithmetic
    • Spatial intelligence to understand 3D animation
    • Learn to use tools like
      1. Coordinate system
      2. Set theory
    • Basic geometry
    • Trigonometry - angles
  • Better understanding of physics and the nature of things around us.
    • Material
    • Light
    • Surface
  • The kids will be able to make any 3D animation of their own.

Educator Information

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Sivaprasad Velayudhan
Founder, Realworks studios
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Curriculum Overview

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Term I

  • ntroduction to 3D design
  • Introduction to blender
  • Activity
    • A Presentation with images and asking kids if they are designed or shot using a camera 1. Jurassic park scene 2. zoo zoo adv Some video showcase of Realworks work
    • Getting hands-on with blender basics
  • Introduction to coordinate systems and 3D objects using blender
  • Understanding triangles
  • Distance between 2 points

Term II

  • Getting comfortable with blender
  • Navigation of blender 3D view and precise arrangement of objects
  • Activity
  • Building a wall in blender
  • Demo
  • A demonstration of building a house by Sivaprasad
  • Perspectives with sketching
    • Kids try to draw their house and understand perspectives
    • Understanding Proportions (Scaling)

Term III

  • Kids design their home by understanding perspectives
  • Kids continue their work
  • Final review and changes
  • Showcasing power of Blender with demos
  • Smoke effect
  • Fluid flow
  • Fire effect
  • Cloth simulation
  • Rigid body
  • Waves and ripples
  • Texturing and waving a flag

Kids will work on a guided project and their work will be eligible for Mango Showcase day

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GV Residency
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August 11 (Every Sunday then on)
10 am - 12:30 pm

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6000 INR


What parents had to say about our previous programs

Great effort obuli & co. Very happy to be part of your programs. Your passion about science ,way of teaching, handling kids etc are superb. The children of Coimbatore are gifted to get such exposure and experiences from your team. Hats off to you and keep going

Devi Karthikeyan
Parent, Coimbatore

Foundation is very important for kids to build up their knowledge. Without that your kid will have struggle throughout school years and there after. I feel all kids around the world should get opportunities to learn from Mango education.

Santhi Sugumar
Parent, Coimbatore

Both my son and daughter enjoys attending the science and math classes conducted by mango education. It is more of active learning where the kids are more curious in knowing things. Obuli and Arumugam keeps the children more energetic and enthusiastic.

Akila SM
Parent, Coimbatore

Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.
- Norman McLaren


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