Mango Discovery Program


A summary of the program.

We believe every child is unique. Each of them has their abilities and challenges. It is unfair to expect fishes to climb trees. In this course, your child will attend workshops in the areas of physics, chemistry, wildlife, computer science, automobile and architecture which would stimulate multi-sensory learning. Based on their interest and performance in each of the category, we would be able to identify their abilities and learning style. Based on their individual style, we would set them a learning journey.

This is a 6-month program where kids experience STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics through various hands-on workshops scheduled twice a month in the weekends. There will be a total of 8 hands-on workshops and 4 field trips. At the end of the course, the parents will get a comprehensive report of the child's learning style

  • Science.
  • Wildlife.
  • Architecture.
  • Engineering and Technology.

Educator Information

All about our instructors and educators.

Arumugham Sankaran

Arumugham S
Computer Science Educator
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Innovator and Science Educator
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Programmer & Educator
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Obuli Chandran
Science Educator
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Vivek Devaraj
Automobile Engineer
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Priyanka Iyer
Wildlife Researcher
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Computer Science Educator
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Architect and Educator
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Payal Molur
Wildlife Educator
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Aasif Iqbal J
Travel Photographer and Educator
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Program Details

Program particulars, and other details.

Mango Education
G V Residency - Map

July 14th
(Alternate Sundays for 6 months then on)

9000 INR - Pay now

On-spot or later
10000 INR

Curiosity is the engine of achievement.
- Ken Robinson

Program Gallery

Explore the photographs from our previous sessions.

A kid working on her game - Mango Education Game Development Program
Kids and Car Engine
Mobile Photography Kids
Kids Learning about Arduino- Mango Arduino Workshop