Kitchen Chemistry


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How does something puff up? How to make something fluffy? How do you change the taste of a dish? The answer to each of these questions involves an understanding of Chemistry. Whatever we cook undergoes some kind of chemical change. This course encourages children to become chefs in order to study chemistry in their kitchen. 

A self-paced online course for 8 to 10-year-old kids. The course aims to open up the kitchen as a space of fascinating experiments and unique learning.


The course aims to

  • Introduce children to differences between chemical and physical changes
  • Enable children to observe the chemical changes 
  • Empower children to notice the agents that cause the chemical change
  • Introduce children to common chemical reactions that occur in the kitchen


Your very own customised journal titled 'My Kitchen Experiments'

Bonus: 1 week of free access to the Peer Learning Community- Mango Kids Ask

*Please note: The course commencement is customised according to your time of registration. You can begin as soon as you enrol.

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mango-education-online-courses-kitchen-chemistry-educatorAgnes Mettilda
Chemistry Educator

Agnes is a Chemistry Educator who loves to explore new things. She believes that teaching science to kids is more challenging than teaching it to adults. So she uses the environment and surrounding space to teach science in an interesting and engaging way rather than performing complex experiments in laboratories. Her motto is - “Passion for  Learning and Teaching has no dead ends”. 

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"No matter how much creativity goes into it, cooking is an art. Or perhaps I should say a craft. It abides by absolute rules, physics, chemistry, etc. and that means that unless you understand the science you cannot reach the art. We're not talking about painting here. Cooking's more like engineering. I happen to think that there is great beauty in great engineering."

— Alton Brown

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Activity session for kids at the baking science workshop