Evolution Of Automobiles


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How did the evolution of automobiles from a simple prototype to fashionable 21st-century vehicles take place?

Expert: Dheepan Raja Jayabalan, Automotive Engineer

Automobiles play an integral role in our lives today by solving an important problem: Saving TIME. The journey to the automobile infrastructure we have today has been exciting. It involves various aspects like the design of cars, engines, fuel source, etc.

Join us in this webinar with Automotive Engineer Dheepan to learn about automobiles, emissions, road safety, and understand the evolution of cars and fuel sources - from the past to present to an exciting future.

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Dheepan Raja Jayabalan
Automotive Engineer

Dheepan is an automotive engineer with a Bachelors in Engineering from PSG Coimbatore. He has 11 years of experience as an Automotive R&D Professional and currently works as a vehicle architect with the Volvo group.

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Online Webinar

December 19th
6 pm - 7:30 pm

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