Cricket and Statistics


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Cricket has become an integral sport of our day to day life. Kids are so obsessed with the game that they know so much about the players. From their batting average, their wickets taken, the pitch they play well. Can this love for cricket be used to introduce them technology and statistics? From predicting the possibility of CSK to win the IPL 2018, to choosing the right team to the right pitch, statistics plays a significant role.

Statistics as a tool is misunderstood. With data collection and data processing skyrocketing every year, the need and statistics is growing more than ever. It has been victimised in the battle of science and commerce streams. Though it is significant in both the streams, in our school system it has been taught deeper only in commerce or economics.

Big Data is a field which is making revolutions by finding patterns and correlations in big data sets. It is used in predicting consumer behaviour, items which consumers will buy together, people’s character by analysing huge quantity of data. In this workshop, kids will also be learning how big data is so far used and they will be exploring in their day to day lives how they can use it to make things better. They will also understand how a vast quantity of data is processed and brings closer to the accurate prediction.

Things to be carried:

  • Laptop with excel or google spreadsheets
  • Mouse
  • Calculator

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Vivek Krishna
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June 17
3 pm - 6 pm

650 INR - Pay now

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750 INR

Statistics is the grammar of science.
- Karl Pearson

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