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On 21st July 1969, history was made. A Man, for the first time, stepped on something other than Earth - the Moon. But what is lesser known history is the fact that it was a woman ‘Katherine Johnson’ who calculated the trajectories of the Apollo missions, and put a Man on the Moon.

The scale to measure the universe was discovered by a woman - Henrietta Leavitt. The insights on the structure of DNA was again discovered by a woman named Rosalind Franklin though Watson and Crick stole the limelight. It was again a woman who unlocked the mysteries of the nucleus of an atom - Lise Meitner, but with credits being stolen by Otto Hann. Women through the centuries have made seminal contributions in various different fields in science and technology.

Access to science education was restricted to women until recent past. Though things have changed multifold over the years, the representation of women in science today is far less than men.

This event is to celebrate women in science in the past, in the present, and to all the aspiring girls who would take up science in the future!

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March 8
6:30 PM onwards

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