Screen Time – Community Event


A summary of the program

Digital screens have become a significant part of our daily lives. Be it your TV or computer or smartphones. They have definitely made our lives better. We take notes, play games, and watch movies in these screens. While it is true that they have saved resources and are better than conventional analog tools, is it actually good for our health?

Does continuous exposure to screen causes problems? How much of screen time is ideal for the kids? Is our eyes capable of handling all these?

Join us for a community meet where we discuss about these concerns with an ophthalmologist and a psychologist. This meet up is ideal for parents where they can learn some techniques to device their strategies for screen-time for kids.

Speaker Information

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Dr. Padma Sathyan
Ophthalmologist, Sathyan Eye Care

Vijay Lakshmi
Psychologist & Social Activist

Program Details

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Mango Education - 1st Floor
Ramanathapuram - Map

August 15
6:30 pm - 8 pm

Parents and Kids
Registration Mandatory

To stay connected, you have to disconnect sometimes.
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Program Gallery

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duangphorn wiriya kid playing with a phone
zoran zonde teen with a smartphone
Smartphone Usage - Marten Bjork
Diego Passadori - Kid With a Phone
kelly sikkema kid playing video game