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If you love observing and learning about birds or want to nurture birding as a hobby, your backyard is the perfect place to start!

Kamakshi is a nature enthusiast and can be found toddling through the jungles of India capturing wildlife, primarily avian wonders. She also crafts stories from her wildlife journeys which can be found at Her Himalayan calling pulls her often into the land of mountains and mystics.Seeing the world through the lens has been cathartic, liberating and transforming. She finds immense joy in interacting with children and considers association with young minds a learning experience.
She recently published a book titled 'Paperboats and Puliinji', a narrative in the prose poetry format.
In this session, Kamakshi will discuss
  1. Her journey of birding which began in her backyard
  2. How You can start observing birds in your backyard
  3. Moving the birding experience to bigger ecological spaces
  4. Birding and wildlife photography

The video-conference will happen over Zoom. We request the registrants to use the latest version of the application (5.0.1 that has enhanced security features) on their desktop/laptop/mobile phone.

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Date: Wednesday, 13th January 2021

Time: 6:45 pm to 8 pm.

Venue: Online


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