Winter Solstice


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The change of seasons, motion of stars and planets across the sky, shortening and lengthening of day and night, and more, are almost imperceptible from day to day. Yet inevitably, they affect the living system on Earth. The ever so small changes everyday, accumulate over time and is perceptible enough in the long run, and we mark these days to celebrate such celestial spectacles! One such occasion is the winter solstice for the northern hemisphere. And is the shortest day of the year this part of the hemisphere! Come join us on Dec 22nd, 2018 and learn more about this yearly spectacle!

This event is organised by Mango Astronomy Club, where the members (kids), would be taking us into a journey of understanding the phenomenon of Winter Solstice and would be engaging with the people who will be joining us for the event.

All science enthusiasts, kids and their parents can be part of the event. But prior registration is mandatory.

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Sreevatsa Lunchbox - Map

December 22
6 pm - 7:30 pm

Kids and Parents

Free -ย Mandatory Registration


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