Isaac Newton’s 376th Birthday Celebration


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Sometimes we underestimate the gravity of the situation weโ€™re in! Well, gravity is underrated, so is light, and so are so many things! Looking back in time, there was this person, who tried to bring gravity and other natural phenomena, into the domain of our understanding! His radical thoughts, amazing insights, bold propositions, untiring efforts, revolutionised physics, and triggered an avalanche of scientific advances! Come join us in celebrating one of the greatest minds to have graced the planet Earth โ€“ Sir Isaac Newton, on his 376th birthday!

  • A brief on the revolutionary book 'Principia' published in 1687 by Sir Issac Newton
  • Demonstration of Newton's 3 laws of Motion
  • Newton's contribution to science

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Sreevatsa Lunchbox - Map

December 25
5 pm onwards

Kids and Parents

Free -ย Mandatory Registration


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