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Shadows are cool, both figuratively and literally. They teach us that light travels in straight lines, also tell us there are opaque objects. They also make us feel a sudden drop in temperature when we stand right under a tree’s shadow, revealing that radiation is a way of heat transfer. Some of the shadows occur at astronomical scales like during the eclipses and occultations.

All of us sure would have seen our own shadows change length over the course of the day, from sunrise to midday to sunset. And if you have been little more observant, you would have noticed that shadow is the shortest at midday (solar noon - where Sun reaches the highest point in the Sky).

And it so happens, twice a year, because of the way earth is tilted and given the latitude we are in, Sun passes directly overhead, and for a brief moment in time, the shadows disappear. These days are called Zero or No Shadow day, or rather more precisely, Zero Shadow Moment.

This annual spectacle allows one to do and understand a lot of science, one including to measure the circumference of the Earth (more easily today than other days), observe the sunrise and sunset directions to find our latitude and more.

Join us to celebrate and learn about this day!

Note: All science enthusiasts, kids and their parents can be part of the event. But prior registration is mandatory.

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Obuli Chandran
Science Educator and Communicator
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Mango Education
GV Residency - Map

August 24
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Science enthusiasts, kids, and parents.

Free - Mandatory Registration

Astronomy is a humbling and a character building experience
– Carl Sagan


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