A Pocketful of Primates


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You are a primate and belong to a very special group of animals that have amazing adaptations and the ability to use tools! See what the fuss is all about, learn classification as you understand monkey talk. Next time you meet a monkey you will know what to do! And someone calls you a monkey, smile and say 'thank you'!

You always find primates endearing with expressive faces (that are very like our own) and some strange mannerisms. You have fed them or are tempted to do so until that one day when you don’t have any food and the seemingly mild-mannered/cute monkey turn hostile. Why does it happen? You wonder what could have gone wrong? We bring you the answers with games and activities where we learn about monkey manners.

Humans and primates have had an ambivalent relationship for many years and there are many reasons for this exchange. One of them being their physical appearance which leads us to treat them the way we would treat a person. But the fact is monkeys are wild animals and have a complex social hierarchy. Failure to have a clear understanding of these monkey manners leads us to negative interactions with monkeys that may harm both monkeys and people.

With forest diminishing and more and more monkeys coming out into cities and roads, accidents are becoming more common. Cases of roadkill, injury and attacks on monkeys by stray dogs is increasing. The need of the hour is for kids to understand that monkeys are not people and even though they have facial expressions that look like ours, the meaning in monkey language is different.

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Payal Molur
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Priyanka Iyer
Wildlife Researcher
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December 9
3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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Monkeys are superior to men in this: when a monkey looks into a mirror, he sees a monkey.
- Malcolm de Chazal

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