Every parent is a teacher. Some of our programs are designed to include both the parents and children as a team. Occasionally, parents who are tech-savvy and into science, join us as volunteers and teaching assistants as well.

What parents say about Mango Education

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Deepa Sam Coimbatore

'Mango education' is how a real school has to be. The energy levels and their teaching methodologies are brilliant and so thoughtfully curated. And, most importantly the team handles the children as their own. The realism about science is taught to the kids in a very engaging and fun-filled way. Every time, when we go to leave our kids, we would be awe-struck to see the unbiased personalised attention given to every child. And as parents, we too have learnt a lot about Science especially stars and planets, am sure every parent would agree to it. Sure, this team will give back to the World a handful of great scientists and new-age inventors. Am happy and content that my kids are students of Mango education - Parents of Surya & Diya.

Gladys Pinheiro Coimbatore

Learning by doing it practically and experiencing, creating stuff rather than listening to how it is made has made the Workshop on Carpentry, a very interesting session for my son Shaun. Though he was not very clear about what he would be doing in the session before it started, he was so very excited after the workshop and had the expression of achievement on his face. The workshop has given him the confidence that he can really create things on his own and he was coming up with ideas on what more he can do if the right tools and materials are provided.

Thank you so much Arumugham, Obuli and the entire Mango Education team for coming up with innovative ideas and conducting sessions for the kids to explore, become creative and gain knowledge out of experience by doing things practically.

Santhi Marusamy Coimbatore

Foundation is very important for kids to build up their knowledge. Without that, your kid will have struggle throughout school years and thereafter. I feel all kids around the world should get opportunities to learn from Mango education. Learning will become in your permanent memory when you apply your learning in practical life. No matter how much u learn, quality of learning for LIFE counts at the end.

Kokilashree Alangaram Coimbatore

The guys from Mango Education amaze us with their passion to help kids fall in love with science. What I really love is how they try to facilitate the learning, keep the curiosity of a child alive, encourage them to ask more questions (which is quite natural in kids who are born curious unless we adults diminish it) and induce love for learning.

My kids have been with Obuli, Arumugam and his team thrice and they absolutely love them.

Fantastic jobs guys, I pray you guys have all the support, health and strength to make the future generations be more sensible, environment-sensitive and responsible science literates. I wish you continue to facilitate learning the way you do !!!