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Mango Science Club

Mango Science Club is a learning club from the creators of Mango Education, where kids interact and discuss with industry experts, science communicators, scientists, researchers, engineers, science enthusiasts in a common forum to inspire science and technology in a question-driven discussion framework. Besides an active learning ecosystem, Mango Science Club also enables the kids to perfect the art of questioning by exposing them to daily question-driven topics and monthly live & real-time interactions with experts of their choice in the form of Q&A sessions and video conferences.

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Does your child ask these questions?

Is your kid a curious explorer?

"Amma, why don't clouds fall down?"

"How do I become a microbiologist, dad?"

"Ma, is Iron Man's suit real? Sollu ma!"

"Appa, how do fireflies make light?"

"Dada! Is time real!?!?"

"What do scientists do all day, ma?"

What if these experts answer your kid in real-time?

A team of experts, educators, science communicators, and engineers.

Obuli Chandran
Science Educator and Communicator

Deepa R
Storyteller & Educator

Arumugham Sankaran

Arumugham S
Computer Science Educator

Aasif Iqbal J
Wildlife Photographer

Samyuktha S

Amirutha Vardhan
Computer Science Educator 

Arghya Suresh

Arun Palaniappan
Data Science Educator

Innovator & Researcher

Eldho PS
Marine Biologist & Educator

Art & Craft Educator

Hari Shankar
Engineer & Educator


Programmer & Educator


Kamakshi Lekshmanan
Wildlife Photographer

Payal B Molur
Scriptwriter & Researcher

Daniel BADaniel BA
Entomologist & Educator

Manu Joseph

Manu Joseph Zachariah
Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife Researcher

Ramaswamy Varadharajan
Mobile App Developer

Ramvilas Ghosh
Marine Biologist & Educator

Sanjay Molur
Executive Director, ZOO



Sivaprasad Velayudhan
Animator & Educator

Udhay Krishna

Vivek Devaraj
System Thinking Educator

Vishak Chandrasekaran
Baker & Educator

And More
We are onboarding more educators and scientists. Please check back soon.

Why Club based learning?

An insight on how active question-driven club based learning compliments passive learning at school and home

Conventional learning

Passive learning at school by learning how to answer

School is where kids predominantly learn the art of answering and seeking ways to answer a given set of questions. Schools are designed to train them on how to answer the questions.

Passive learning at home by learning what to question

But today, the medium is evolving and learning extends online through videos on platforms like Khan Academy, Wikipedia, and YouTube. Home is where kids inculcate self-learning and develop the ability to answer not just the predefined questions in the syllabus, but anything.

Community based learning

Active learning with a community by learning how to question

Beyond the medium of passive learning, a learning community is where a kid is exposed to a multitude of 'why' and 'how' questions from other kids in the world. Thriving in such a constant bombardment of curiosity in real-time happens within a community like Mango Science Club, and this evolves the kid into a continuous learner by observing, asking, discussing, and iterating their ability to frame a quality question.

Active learning with question-driven topics at Mango Science Club

Let’s say you don't understand a topic, like 'what is gravity?' Imagine the entire class discussing it. Each one expresses their own understanding of gravity. Rather than just one textbook answer from a book or just one interpretation from a video, now you have multiple answers and interpretations for the question. Like a combined study session with your friends, a learning community like Mango Science Club gives your child the ability to interpret multiple perspectives of a concept and learn how questions can be formed, all in a continuous and real-time framework that is constantly validated by experts. And with such question-driven topics a day, Mango Science Club's experts and educators have come together to shape your kid's curiosity all the way.

What are the benefits?

List of features as part of the joining the online learning club

  • Daily question-driven science and technology topic discussion. A total of 365 topics will be discussed (30 questions per month).
  • 12 video conferences with experts of your choice to interact with. (one per month)
  • 12 online chat interactions with experts. (one per month)
  • Online groups with like-minded kids across India.
  • Ask an expert and post any science and tech question.
  • One science project idea every month which kids can choose to work on.
  • Newsletter on the latest competitions for kids on astronomy, wildlife, technology and other sciences.

Monthly Subscription
750 ₹/month

750 INR/month | monthly payment


  • 30 question-driven science and technology topics discussed in real-time.
  • Ask an expert anything and post any science and technology question.
  • Online discussion with experts, engineers, and scientists.
  • 4 weekly newsletter on latest competitions on astronomy, wildlife, technology and other sciences.

Annual Subscription
500 ₹/month

500 INR/month | annual payment


  • 365 Question-led Science topics discussed.
  • Ask an expert and post any science and tech question.
  • 12 video conferences with experts you choose to interact with. (one per month)
  • 12 online discussions with scientists, experts and industry professionals.
  • 36 weekly newsletter on latest competitions on astronomy, wildlife, technology and other sciences.
  • 12 science research project ideas every month on which kids can choose to work on.
  • Interest-based discussion groups with like-minded kids across India.

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Want more?

Here are our bonus and exclusive community features available on joining Mango Science Club.

  • Early bird access to science research expeditions and Mango Education programs.
  • Video and audio lectures by Mango educators and experts.
  • Collection of curated learning resources from the internet by experts on various fundamental and applied sciences topics for children.
Coimbatore Kids from Mango Education at Ooty Radio Telescope Site

What parents say about Mango Science Club

Mango Science Club has been very useful over the past few years creating an online learning community which justified mango education's intention to educate kids. Also by bringing in experts from various fields the kids got to learn a lot. By allowing kids to get doubts clarified whenever they wanted, Mango Education made sure that the kids' curiosity never faded.

Smitha Jayesh

Parent of 13yr old, Akshaj

My son is curious about science and technology and keeps exploring various fields. Mango Science Club not only enables kids to interact with experts, but the Online discussion with an expert from different fields like Climate scientist, Neuroscientist, Orinothologist broadened his perspective and understanding of Science and technology.

Sathish K

Parent of 14yr old Akshay

Congratulations to team Mango Education. Commendable, the thought and effort of merging science and maths with education in an interesting and thought-provoking way. Hats off to your mission on creating more scientists in this nation. Very brilliant ideas to make kids understand the application of science.

Dr.Vidya Rajan

Parent of 12yr old Kharnika

When we say science we can learn definitions, formulae, terminologies, etc, from books, internet, and so on. But what do I get from Mango Science Club? Well, it is exposure to how experts think, plan, and work!

- Lohith Aswa | Age 14

Question Everything

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