Imagine a bunch of math nerds working out problems together, young innovators building things or a team of science experimentalists working on a research project. The learning outcome is amplified and a whole lot of fun! Our programs bring in all like-minded students into one group irrespective of their age. We unite kids based on their areas of interest to ensure that they get the support and care they need during childhood along with a platform to learn.

Over the years at Mango Education

Mango Showcase Day 2020


A day that's all about kids! From showcasing ideas and projects in the spheres of Astronomy, Wildlife Photography, and Technology to baking delicious chocolate chip cookies, our kids have collaborated with each other and conceived some brilliant stuff!

Shopkeeper Math


Math is a part of our everyday life, and shopkeepers, in our opinion, are the quickest and smartest when it comes to measurements, values, and calculations. The Shopkeeper Math workshop lets little kids don the hat of a shopkeeper and learn math in a fun, easy, and engaging way.

The Hindu Young World Carnival 2018


Mercury Transit 2019


In November 2019, kids of our Astronomy Club travelled to Mauritius with Educator Obuli Chandran to document the Mercury Transit.

SciCon 2019



SciCon is a Science Conference for kids where we invite a panel of revered and celebrated individuals from the field of science to speak on the diverse areas of science and encourage science education in a practical, innovative way. Kids are curious, creative, and powerhouses of mind-blowing ideas, and providing them with a platform such as SciCon boosts their confidence in their efforts while motivating them to keep the spirit of science alive.


Photography Workshop 2017


Photography is a unique and interesting way to learn about nature. Not only does it enhance your perspective of things but also allows for inquisitiveness towards and appreciation of wildlife. Our photography workshops are among the most exciting and adventurous of the lot and are headed by Aasif Iqbal J.


Stars Of The Forest Expedition 2019


Imagine being able to watch a thousand fireflies glowing in the night sky! The group that went to Coorg was lucky to witness this mesmerising phenomenon with the added experience of treks, nature walks, and a meet-and-greet with snakes!

Art and Coding 2019


Programming is for anyone who loves to play with patterns and numbers. Hosted exclusively for girls, the Art and Coding Workshop was a pathway to create digital art through programming.

SciFi Writing Contest 2017


Celebrating the winners of the Science Fiction Writing Contest of 2017!