Obuli, a PSG Tech Alumni, is a Science Communicator and Educator. His passion for science drives him to engage with kids in a manner that keeps them highly engaged. He has been teaching physics and math to kids across different age groups for the past five years and strongly believes that learning is like time - it has to flow or it ceases to have meaning for anyone, be it a teacher or a student. Other than Educating kids he is addicted to reading Science books and blames Feynman, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye and other Science educators for his love for Science

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How A Solar Eclipse Made Einstein A Celebrity

On May 29, 1919, British astronomers Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington and Frank Watson Dyson, each led a team on an expedition, one to the West African island of Principe, and another to the Brazilian town of Sobral. They chose a particular group of bright stars called Hyades Cluster, part of Taurus Constellation.

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Lunar Eclipse

A Game of Shadows

When I was in 10th grade, a star gazing session was arranged in my school. There was a low turnout, which I guess, was partly

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Events & Activities

  • Speaker in the talk series KOSMORENA 2020, organised by KCT for international space week
  • Speaker, at ‘Manram’ – a forum for experts communicating their knowledge in Tamil, on the topic Story of Gravity in Tamil in May 2019
  • Resource person in ‘Fulcrum 2018’ a one day education forum organized by Bhumi in Jan 2018 at IIT Madras Research Park
  • Special Guest on Rainbow FM talking on importance of Scientific Literacy in the Society on September 2017

Newspaper Articles & Features

With The Planets And Stars For Company
It was a memorable night as kids got to gaze at the sky above and discover the wonders of space

The Hindu
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What Happens When You Ask Why?
In order to gain knowledge, you must first learn to question, think, and absorb

The Hindu
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Blood Moon: A visual treat for residents
Children and their parents eagerly watched the trifecta - blue moon, super moon and blood moon at Sreevats Global Village and VOC Park where special arrangements were made to watch the lunar eclipse through telescopes and binoculars

The Times of India
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