In India, the homeschooling practice has started to take a surge since the lockdown as parents consider it as the safer means of educating their children.

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What Is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is an interesting way of educating kids in the comfort of their homes. As a matter of fact, homeschooling eliminates the possibility of kids feeling locked up in a cage when it comes to institutional schooling.

Homeschooling opens up the pathway for a fun-filled education where kids can learn from their surroundings – chemistry from their kitchen and botany from their garden.

Why Is homeschooling Preferred Nowadays?

Homeschooling is not only the safer means of education but a lot more than that. Here are a few advantages to prove why it is considered as one of the best modes of education today:

  • Kids are exposed to a practical learning environment
  • Parents can decide the homeschool curriculum for the kids depending on what the child’s strength areas are.
  • The syllabus for kids can be framed with respect to their field of interest and based on what they love doing.
  • The hidden skillsets of kids will be brought to light.
  • Providing individual attention to the child will enhance the learning process.

Is Homeschooling Possible In India?

Certainly! Here are some real-time examples of homeschool success.

Supriya Raj Joshi is a pioneer of homeschooling in India. Being a famous TED India speaker, she believes in the idea of educational freedom and has homeschooled her two kids. One of her homeschooled daughters made a remarkable achievement of getting into MIT, USA.

Mrs Deepa, one of our very own educators also homeschools her 5-year-old and makes strong use of the art of storytelling and hands-on activities to maximise learning. She is one of the mentors at Mango Science At Home Club

Catch one of Deepa’s most-loved stories here

How To Get Started With Homeschooling?

As a lot of parents began to opt for alternate schooling methods for their children from as opposed to the traditional system, a lot of homeschool programs have emerged as an outcome. But selecting a suitable mode or form of learning for your child is still a challenging task for parents.

Want to select the right education program for your kids?


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