When we were approached to strengthen the foundation of homeschoolers in STEAM at Mango Education, there first ensued a discussion among us where all sorts of teaching-related vocabulary surfaced- curriculum, syllabus, pedagogy, approaches, etc. A little overwhelmed by the sheer number of considerations to be made to teach academics, there was no progress as to what to do with the task at hand. We wanted to develop an efficient learning space for homeschoolers where they will be able to solidify their foundations in STEAM. As a diverse group of individuals, we finally decided to pool in our ideas. This took us through a process of understanding the possible expectations of a homeschooler that we could fulfill.

Our take on what the learning space for  homeschoolers outside their homes should consist of:

  • Lab (to experiment)
  • Self-paced learning opportunity
  • Identifying learning gaps
  • Mentoring/facilitating learning to fill the learning gaps
  • Possibility of collaborative learning
  • Peer group of learners
  • Opportunities to develop interpersonal skills (like being on stage, making a presentation etc.)
  • Real-life teachers and real-life problems (people applying what the children are meant to learn. Eg. an engineer using the measurements and equations to solve actual problems)

All this along with space for exploration and time for assimilation.

What more would you look for at a learning space for your child?

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