Oil-water or water-oil, this duo never seems to get along. What happens to this combination when you add soap to it? Stay tuned to find out the answer and to be a part of a fun activity waiting for you at the end of the story. The story is brought to you by Deepa.

Narrator: Deepa


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Today’s episode is from Mango Science Radio and we have Deepa, who has come up with a story for kids below 10 years. This is pretty much a fun activity; if you are a parent or you have any of your neighbours who are younger than 10 years old this will be a very interesting activity for them to do. So without further ado, we have Deepa with today’s science story.

00:49  Hello, Mango Radio listeners, this is Deepa. I’m here to tell a story for those of you who are below 10 years old. There is an activity at the end of the story, so you could take a paper and a pencil and be ready to note down the activity also. Shall I start the story?

01:14  Surya was in the kitchen one day helping his mother. There is this boy called Surya who is helping his mother in the kitchen. They were frying pooris for dinner. He helped his mother roll out the dough while his mother fried it in the oil. Once all the pooris were fried, Surya brought them to the table to eat. After dinner, it was his sister Diya’s duty to clear the table. So Surya sat at the back with a book when he noticed that his mother was missing. Usually, after dinner, she is in the hall, relaxing with the radio. She wasn’t in the hall. Where did she go?

02:01  “Amma!”, called Surya loudly.

“What is it?”, came his mother’s voice from the kitchen.

Surya went to the kitchen. “What are you doing in the kitchen? Dinner is done and Diya has cleared up the table. What is there to do in the kitchen?” he asked.

“I am cleaning the kitchen counter Surya. Some oil has spilt here, you see?’ she explained. Surya went and got a piece of cloth to wipe away the spilt oil.

“Stop stop stop! No Surya’, said Amma. “This cloth will only spread the oil everywhere,” she said.

“Okay,” said Surya. “I shall wet it with water and wipe away the oil then,” he said, going to the tap to wet the cloth. He wet the cloth and used it to wipe away the oil. But could he wipe it away? No. He saw that the water stayed as droplets on the surface and when he touched, the surface was still oily.

“That is strange,” he thought. 

The wet cloth had not removed the oil. “Now what do I do, how do I make this surface clean of oil?”, thought Surya.

So, his mother said “Use soap to clean the place.”

03:24  Now, why does soap clean the oil? Have you guys ever thought of that? Why don’t you do this following experiment to find out? Yeah? Note down on the paper, the things that you will need. You will need:

  • A clear plastic water bottle
  • Water
  • Oil, and
  • Dish wash liquid (the ones that you use to wash your vessels, that liquid)

So what should you do? Put some cooking oil and water in the bottle. Now screw the lid on tightly and shake it nicely. Once you shake it, let the bottle stand like that for a few minutes. Keep it on a desk and let it stand for a few minutes. What do you notice? The oil and water, are they mixed well? No? Well, now add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the oil and water in the bottle, screw on the lid again and shake it again. Now leave it for another few minutes on the desk, what do you see? Do this experiment and I shall send you an explanation for what you observe. Until then, bye-bye!

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