The ring of fire: Eclipse Photography expedition


Why should kids join this program?

In this three-day learning expedition, kids will learn:

  1. Astrophotography 101.
  2. Sunset and dusk photowalk to understand shooting in low light.
  3. Understanding motion of objects across the sky, different types of eclipses, conjunctions and planetary occultations by Mango Astronomy Club
  4. Unraveling the night sky through telescopes - Stargazing with Mango Astronomy Club
  5. Observe the Annular Solar Eclipse for the entire duration, through solar glasses and solar filtered telescopes
  6. Eclipse Photography session.

Expedition Overview

What are you going to do in this expedition?

Astrophotography 101

Kids Observing The Night Sky - Mango Education Young Astronomer Program

In this session, kids will learn the fundamentals and technical aspects of photography and how it could be used effectively to document this rare annular solar eclipse.ย  This includes understanding exposure triangle, framing and composition.

Solar Eclipse Photography and Observation

Annular Eclipse Photograph

Based on the learning in the first two sessions, kids will do solar photography. They will also attempt at capturing the solar eclipse to be used for analysis later. There will also be science experiments, measurements and calculations done during the eclipse which will be guided by experts. Watch out for surreal experience of Ring of Fire Eclipse moment!


Understanding Stars with Mango Astronomy Club

Mango Coimbatore Astronomy Club

The members of Mango Astronomy Club will take us on a journey into the cosmos. From the motion of planets, stars and other celestial objects across the sky to the journey of a star, several topics in astronomy will be covered including demonstrations of various types of eclipses, understanding rarity of eclipses. There will also be a myth busting session surrounding the eclipses.

Stargazing at Coonoor

Glowing Stars

When the blinding lights are shut off, the sky reveals the majesty of the cosmos - stars and stars as far as you can see, planets scattered, an occasional satellite or a meteor zipping across the sky! The moonless night sky and a location with very low light pollution makes way for an amazing stargazing session as the kids will get to observe stars, star clusters, nebulae and planets through the telescope. Kids will also be capturing the night sky.


Dusk Walk

Kids going for a dusk walk during astronomy expedition

After learning the fundamentals of photography, the kids will be taken on a guided photowalk where they learn to shoot in low-light, understand color and learn to shoot in the golden hour.


Expedition itinerary, particulars, and other details

A 3 day expedition to stargaze, observe, learn, photograph and analyse The Ring of Fire Eclipse!

Time Activities
DAY 01
10:00 AM Start from Coimbatore
1:00 PM Reach Coonoor
4:00 PM Photography 101
5:00 PM Low light and eclipse photography 101
6:00 PM Sunset Photowalk
7:00 PM Dinner
8:00 PM Understanding stars - Session by Mango Astronomy Club
DAY 02
6:00 AM Setting up cameras/Tripods
7:00 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Eclipse Photography & watching
1:30 PM Lunch and rest
4:00 PM Photoprocessing and discussion
8:00 PM Dinner
8:30 PM Star gazing
DAY 03
8:00 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM Nature Walk and Photography
12:00 PM Travel to Coimbatore
3:00 PM Reach Coimbatore

Educator Information

All about our instructors and educators

Obuli Chandran
Science Communicator & Educator
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Aasif Iqbal J
Travel Photographer & Educator
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Location and Fee Information

How far? How much does it cost?

Date & location

December 25th - December 27th (3 Days)




One Kid - 13500 INR - Pay now
1 Kid + 1 Parent - 22000 INR - Pay now