Exploring Hampi: An architecture and photography expedition for kids


Why should kids join this program?

In this two-day learning expedition, kids will learn:

- The history of Hampi concerning architecture, the materials used for construction, plan and design of the city.
- The landscape and climate of Hampi.
- The basics of photography.
- Techniques for architecture photography and timelapse photography.

Eligibility for kids: 11 to 15 years.

Expedition Overview

What are you going to do in this expedition?

A brief history of Hampi

Kids will learn about the history of Hampi concerning architecture. They will understand how the city was designed and planned, the materials used for construction, the drainage system and how the constructions still survive to this day. This session will be headed by Samyuktha S. She is a sustainable architect. She has constructed eco-friendly homes at various places in India including Leh and Ladakh. She also enjoys working with kids. You can check Samyuktha's profile here.

Sunrise at Matanga Hill

Sunrise matanga hill

Matanga hill is known for sunrises and the unique landscape. Since it is one of the high altitude hills in the city, the kids will be able to see the sunrise right from the horizon. The golden light, the landscape and the vantage point, makes a wonderful combo for architecture and landscape photography. They will get a chance to photograph the bird view of Achutaraya temple.

Basics of photography

Sunrise matanga hill

In this session, kids will learn the fundamentals and technical aspects of photography that will help them document the architecture of Hampi. This includes understanding exposure triangle, framing and composition. This session will be headed by our educator Aasif Iqbal J. Aasif is a travel and nature photographer. He has gone on several expeditions to document nature, people and architecture across India. You can check his profile here.

Exploring Hampi

exploring hampi

Vittala Temple

Vittala temple hampi

Vittala Temple is considered as the epicentre of Hampi. Kids will explore the various temples and chariots in this UNESCO World Heritage complex. Kids will explore this historically significant place, the paintings and sculptures. The kids will also do activities related to measuring, planning, calculating proportions and also mapping the place.

Sunset photography at Hemakuta Hill

hemakuta temple sunset hampi

After learning about Hampi and the basics of photography, kids head over to Hemakuta Hill to put their learning to practice. Hemakuta Hill has several vantage points to watch the sunsets. The golden light at this hour makes the temples on the hill look glorious. Kids get to capture these temples and monuments in the golden light.

Achutaraya Temple

architecture and sculptures

At Achutaraya temple, kids and the educators will be discussing deeper aspects of photography like visual consciousness and planning through hands-on activities. They will learn about perspectives and how planning and visualizing helps in architecture documentation.


Expedition itinerary, particulars, and other details

An architecture and photography learning expedition to India's most beautiful temple city.ย 

Time Activities
Day 0 and Day 1
8 PM (Day 0) Start from Coimbatore
4 AM

8 AM

Reach Yesvantpur

First Pit stop for refreshment and breakfast

12 PM Reach Hampi
12 PM to 3 PM Lunch and getting ready for the session
3 PM to 4 PM History of Hampi.
Understanding the design and architecture of this Temple City
4 PM - 5 PM Basics of Photography
5.30 PM to 7 PM Golden Hour photowalk at the mesmerising Hemakuta Hill that is home for many temple ruins. Children will learn to shoot them in golden sunset lighting. Kids will learn about lighting and composition. Feedback will be given to the kids throughout the photowalk.
7.30 PM - 8.30 PM Discussion over dinner table.
Day 2
4 AM to 5 AM Hike to Matanga Hill
5 AM to 6.30 AM Sunrise and landscape photography

Timelapse photography.

6.30 AM to 7.30 AM Understanding vantage points. Understanding the role of visual consciousness in photography through hands on activities.
7.30 AM - 8.30 AM Trek Down.
8.30 AM to 9 AM Breakfast
9 AM - 10 AM Achutaraya Temple - Revisit on vantage points.
10.30 AM to 12 PM Vittala Temple: Plotting, measuring and mapping the place through activities.
12 PM to 3 PM Lunch, relaxation and packing.
Day 3
12 AM Reach Yesvantpur
6 AM Back to Coimbatore

Educator Information

All about our instructors and educators

Aasif Iqbal J
Travel Photographer & Educator
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Educator and Architect
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Location and Fee Information

How far? How much does it cost?

Date & location

30 Nov - 1st Dec
Hampi, Karnataka



1 Kid - 13500 INR - Pay now
1 Kid + 1 Parent - 25000 INR - Pay now