Aquatic Adventures – A Learning Expedition with Scientists


Why should kids join this program?

  • Interact with Ichthyologists who have more than 15 years of experience in this field.
  • Learn about freshwater and saltwater ecosystems in India.
  • Meander through a beautiful mangrove and see some special species that dwell there.
  • See and learn about some creatures of the deep sea up close and personal.
  • Try their hands at angling
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Expedition Overview

What are you going to do in this learning expedition?

Lunch with Scientists

Meet with Arjunan, Eldho, Anoop and Ram Vilas Ghosh, PhD Scholars. The Lab and Native fish Aquarium is one of the best in the country and the scholars have discovered several species new to science.


  • a unique opportunity to learn about 15 species of native fish in India and get an exclusive back end view of how it is harvested and grown in a lab.
  • Be an Ichthyologist for the day
  • Study the basic biological aspects of interesting species such as shrimps, molluscs and maybe even a freshwater jellyfish!
  • Fun science in the lab as Physics, and Chemistry will be put into play.

Click here to know more about Arjunan.

Fishing in the Backwaters

In the cool of the evening, the kids will visit the beautiful backwaters of Cheppanam and end the day with a guided angling session.


  • Make their own fishing rods
  • Compete to see who gets the big one!

Click here to know more about Eldho.

Riding through the Mangrove Forests

Meandering through the mangrove forests - a unique blend of fun and learning as the kids get a one on one look at a mangrove ecosystem - Mangroves are  two worlds in one, making up a transitional zone between land and sea, whilst connecting and supporting both.

  • The kids will grasp the concept of mangroves being the interface between land and sea in tropical and sub-tropical regions with high salinity, brackish waters, and muddy, anaerobic soils, and how they play a very important role in the ecosystem processes of coastal areas.

Creatures found in the deep sea

At the crack of dawn, the kids will embark on an exploratory mission to understand what is found in the deep sea at the harbor: with 600 gill net boats, nearly 100 purse seine boats, over 400 fishing boats, using the Thoppumpady harbour as their base for operations, it is a mine of information on ocean creatures.


  • Up close with small squids, octopuses and maybe even a lantern fish.
  • Ram Vilas Ghosh a PhD scholar and Priyanka Iyer from Zooreach will lead the kids through the amazing world of by-catch research!

Click here to learn more about Priyanka.

Converting observation to analysis

Kids will write about all the things that they had observed during this trip and share their experiences with their peers. They will also learn how to write for science. Click here to know more about Ramvilas Ghosh A.


Expedition itinerary, particulars, and other details

How we love to see fish swim in an aquarium. It is calming and brightens up a room. We marvel at their ability to swim continuously… but how much do we truly know about them? Do they sleep? Are dolphins fish? Can fish live in salt and freshwater? Do they only breathe in water? What is a mangrove? – a fish that walks on land and breathes air? Really??  how do animals in water eat? Do they chew their food like we do? And the most important question of all – if I could have an aquarium at home, what should I keep and how do I look after my fish like a pro? Finally, a unique chance to learn from the best of the best at the Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS). Take a trip on the fishy side with scientists who have been studying freshwater and salt water ecosystems for over 15 years.  Walk through a beautiful mangrove and see some special species that dwell there, see some creatures of the deep sea up close and personal and finally try your hand at angling.

The workshop includes activities in aquatic ecology, mangroves, fisher folk and fish management as well as actual angling skills.

Time Activities
Day 1
5 AM Start from Coimbatore
10 AM 1st Pit stop for Breakfast
1 PM Lunch with Scholars at KUFOS
5 PM Fishing in the Backwaters
8:00 PM Dinner
Day 2
5 AM Exploring creatures found in the deep sea
10 AM Riding through the Mangrove Forests
1: 30 AM Lunch
2 PM Converting observation to Analysis
9 PM Reach Coimbatore

Location and Fee Information

How far? How much does it cost?

Date & location

27th - 28th December
Coimbatore - Kochi - Coimbatore



9800 INR per head (Early bird booking) - Pay now

17500 INR - Pay now
For a parent - child duo

In case of bulk booking for more than five, call 9952243541 for more details