stargazing in mauritius with shining stars

Look at the stars. Look how they shine in the night sky.

While fans of Coldplay may derive musical associations from these words, we, at Mango Education, are quite literal in our observation of the sky’s nocturnal magic. We love to share and connect with kids, and with so many people looking to engage themselves during the curfew, we put our science-y heads together to whip up something surreal – A Virtual Stargazing session!

Imagine sitting out in your balconies or the terrace of your home, and looking up at the twinkling stars, learning to name these stars, and spotting entire constellations. We had over a hundred people joining us LIVE to do these very things.


Using the Starwalk app we located Sirius and Orion, and traced constellations across the sky. We have all learnt about the Pole Star in school, but very few of us remember or make use of the knowledge. It was interesting to see kids addressing and understanding the significance of the Pole Star as a guiding point. The greatest outcome of the session was the quantum of sharing that took place, not just from our end, but also amongst the participants.

Families from Ahmedabad, Trichy, Bangalore, and various other cities in India participated in this virtual night out. In just 24 hours, we had over 150 people eager to be a part of the session.

Kids and parents were thrilled about doing something new, and after an hour of practically experiencing astronomy, we had a wonderful Q&A on the objects dotting the night sky.

“What are oort clouds? How are stars born? What are Kuiper belt objects? Did you know that stars, unlike, planets, don’t change their position/ shape every day? Almost everything we see in the night sky rises from the east.”


It was amazing to see people respond to the session with so much positivity and energy. “Informative, insightful, enjoyable” – that’s the feedback that’s been most commonly laid out.

In this time of distress, we had the opportunity to connect hundreds of people through technology and add value to their lives through something simple and meaningful.
Social distancing does not mean that we must disconnect from people. This is a great chance to revive old connections and establish new ones. So, let us all find opportunities to come together and make good use of them because learning can happen anywhere, anytime!

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