How does it feel to be at rest? How does it feel to not rush out of one place and into another, and finally have time for something as simple as a family meal?

‘Social Distancing’ has become the emerging tendency of 2020. Health and safety are of prime importance, and we now have no option but to learn to be at peace in one place, with a few people.

But, there are always multiple dimensions when it comes to the living world, and this situation is no different. We may be getting gradually accustomed to the lack of social movement, but owing to the ‘human beings are social animals’ dictum, we are wont to connection and closeness.

For those of us who are used to work schedules, it may be challenging to navigate through a  space where the personal and the professional are rolled into one. But it’s important to remember that isolating yourself or disconnecting from those around you can only lead to further psychological distress. More often than not, we turn to technology as a means of escape from the world or as a temporary distraction.

But in such a situation, where proximity seems lethal, technology is an enormous boon. It is not only our sole medium of access to information but is also bridging the physical gap between human beings, whether the distance is a few kilometres or entire continents away.

The web is more than a storehouse of information; it is now an extension of our social selves.

Social media has opened up as a space for expression and sharing, dissolving age barriers and flooding the internet with content that is creative, constructive, and indulgent because of social distancing. Video calls are now connecting friends across the globe that haven’t spoken or met in years. I’m sure a lot of you must have discovered new apps and trends, and shared a cup of tea over a family video chat!

For kids, this is especially a wonderful time to learn what they love. There are tons of online resources available that help a child maintain a steady learning curve by keeping the cognitive rhythm in place. What is important is to ensure that screen time is managed to issue high productivity and low strain. It’s a wonderful time to look up some DIY projects and have fun while also teaching kids some simple, interesting concepts.

 ‘All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.’ – Martin Fisher

Using technology to perpetuate connection and learning will guarantee a flow in the child’s creative potential and turn the activities done during this social distancing period into a morale booster.

Now that we have time, let’s be open to questions from kids and take the time to answer them with patience. Engage them in little tasks around the house, dance with them, invent your own games, read and listen to stories, and fill the home space with every ounce of freedom you can!

Here are some fun activities you can enjoy at home:

DIY Crafts

Watch An Animated Movie

Here is a list of movies that the entire family can enjoy with some cold beverage to brave the heat!

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