Do fancy books with colourful images inspire you to love the subject?

Your favourite subject is mostly the one taught by your favourite teacher. Teachers are quite influential in childhood. Do you remember your primary school class teacher? Right from the day you entered school crying, to the day you were aspiring to grow up, they were there. Your teacher was probably the only other adult apart from your parents, with whom you were willing to open up. It takes some time for the teacher to know you and you to know more about the teacher. It all needs time.

which subject do children like

Do children these days have that time with their teachers? Every year or every 6 months, the teachers are changing in school. Even before you could know about the teacher, the teacher is either married, joined another school, or has changed the profession itself. Therefore even before the child could fall in love with the subject, the messenger has changed.

Should children embrace this rapid change? How can we expect children to get inspired by the excitement of solving long math equations, the hidden messages in poetry, discover a new word in the language, and re-living the stories of humans in different centuries?

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