A barrage of instructions on the right way to complete a task versus an honest, voluntary attempt that helps a person learn from their mistakes – which one would you prefer?

The former is a didactic practice, one that schools have recycled for decades. The latter, learning by yourself, is a conscious choice that a child makes.

How Can One Become A Self-Learner?

Self-learning is one of the most effective ways to begin mastering a subject. It helps a child make confident, well-thought-out decisions about their own education and discover creative ways of learning. While support and facilitation are necessary to enhance the process of learning, overadministration can censor children’s ability to think for themselves. As a society and species that is evolving every moment, we need to understand that knowledge is a process of discarding the obsolete and adopting that which helps us grow.

Self-learning, like any other skill, develops and polishes itself with time. When a child willingly engages himself, learning becomes a habit.

At one of our Mango Open House sessions, Abhinav Udupi, a 17-year-old Innovator & Educator, spoke about the need to deviate from conventional syles and venture into self-learning. He also shared his perspective on how one can become a self-learner. Here are a few of the points that he discussed during the talk:

  1. Give emphasis to extracurricular skills
  2. 21st-century skills are an important asset to survive in the future world
  3. Find your passion/area of interest/potential
  4. Start developing on this passion and research on the opportunities surrounding it
  5. Make creativity an integral part of your career
  6. Donโ€™t be afraid to be wrong. You should be free to make mistakes, learn from them, and strive to do better the next time
  7. Reading or watching content is not enough. Learn to apply your knowledge

For a detailed explanation of the points,

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