Written by Darsini – Intern

Remember the time when we hoped we would get our letter of acceptance from the finest school of witchcraft and wizardry-Hogwarts? The Harry Potter series made me want to study in a place like Hogwarts. My muggle school didn’t make me want to learn, it made me fret at the thought of school. Today when I think about what made Hogwarts so special and different when compared to my muggle school, reality hits me hard as I find both to be quite similar. Hogwarts had a variety of cool classes to choose to range from flying lessons to divination. The ability to choose what you wish to pursue at Hogwarts makes you learn to take decision quite at the young age. Our current system offers very little choice and not-so-cool subjects. But that’s the main difference I see. The assessment methods, however, are the same. Hogwarts has standardised O.W.Ls(Ordinary Wizarding Level) tests and N.E.W.Ts(Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests) which are considered to be difficult. Even wizards and witches have to work hard to crack them. For them to get a job at the ministry, they had to get good grades. Remember when Harry couldn’t become an Auror because Harry didn’t get the required grades?

The professors at Hogwarts each have their own style. Professor McGonagall believes in discipline above education. She is never partial and the students respect her. Professor Slughorn who came back in the half-blood prince was earlier asked to resign by Prof. Dumbledore because he treated the purebloods and muggles differently.

Professor Snape is always seen snapping at students and demotivating them. Students fear him. Professor Lupin who takes up the position of the defence against the dark arts teacher, which Professor Snape had his eyes on always, is just the opposite. While Snape induces fear, Lupin teaches students to overcome their greatest fear and makes them experience whatever is being taught. Much similar? Haven’t we all had similar teachers?

We’ve seen the girl who always comes prepared to class, the boy who is timid being famous in school. But why is Hogwarts still my dream school? That question is something I still haven’t found the answer to. If the system is the same, then what’s different?

At Hogwarts, Hermione grew from being a bookworm to someone who valued friendship and bravery. Ron wasn’t as clever as Hermione or as brave as Harry, but was always a moral support and stood with his friends at all times. Neville had the courage to stand up to his friends for what he thought was wrong. Luna Lovegood was weird with her own eccentric beliefs. Peter Pettigrew was an example of what happens when fear shadows friendship. Barty Crouch Jr was a nefarious person, yet someone with unfaltering loyalty. We grow only with betrayal, fear, hatred, love and laughter. It’s the Rons, Dumbledores and the Pettigrews that makes Hogwarts so special. It is all about the environment and the people. The Educators, the peers, the learning together makes all the difference. It’s where everyone’s story begins. It’s where you can make mistakes and learn. It’s where you discover yourself. It makes you a better person. It’s where memories are made. It’s a place where you can come back even after you leave and always feel welcome. It’s where everyone’s heart is and that’s why Hogwarts is always home.

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